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Making A New

Making A New AE! 

Everyone knows Ann. Really? No. Anyway, I need a kind AE. Hey. I'm kind. Mmm hmm. Anyway, please welcome...Brooke!!! 

Name: Brooke 

Age: AEs are ageless, but she looks about 10 or 11. 

Appearance: Cropped brown hair about shoulder length. Purple eyes. Right now shes wearing a purple tank top and a blue miniskirt with white, green, purple, and lavender paint splatters on it. 

Likes: art, turtles, skipping rope, turtles, reading, turtles, writing, Dream and eating. 

Dislikes: Ann, sports, sleeping. 

Talks in: Italic ( Dream can only say four letters at a time. You'll tell the differance.) 

Hi everyone! * Starts skipping rope * I like turtles.  


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(July 14, 2018 - 2:18 pm)

Hiya Brooke! I like your name.

Cool! I like turtles too! Can we be friends? I have a game about turtles on my GameBoy!

Starlight, calm down. I am 360 degrees. It's nice to meet you. 

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