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Valentine's Day 2019 Stuff

Yeah. I'll be there, but I was wondering if maybe we should prep for this at all. (It's coming up quick ...) Maybe create a humongous questionaire? (B/C QUESTIONS Y'ALL)

I know that a lot of old CBers will be returning, and not all of us will know each other, though there will be old friends of course. ^^

And then do you think that we should make it a week long celebration, or just the 14th. Not all of us are in the states (Moi, Coco, and maybe Killim? Anybody remember her? Is she still here?), or may be in vastly different time zones, so I feel that there should be enough time for everybody to say hi and read and whatnot. (Though we likely would stick around for a minute anyways, but why not make it officialish?)

Should someone be designated to make the post, so that we don't have multiple threads? Or should we just hang the consequences, and visit all the threads?

So yea. 

If there's a lot of people in favor of a questionaire, then I could add them all to this post as people send in suggestibles and whatnot. :)

Please send in all your advice!

My list of ideas thus far for questions to answer, all would be as you want to fill out, none would be required other than names. :)

Introduction, freelance

Description of how you think you would look on the CB

AE descriptions

Captcha descriptions

How 2018 went

How life in general has been

Favorite stuff


NaNoWriMo brags

etc. Again, further ideas would be loved on. :3

Extra Idea:

Maybe some kind of game played across the site? Maybe a scavenger hunt of some sort? 


Or am I getting too excited too soon? XP

@Admins, your ideas are appreciated too, I know you guys have got a busy schedule too, so your reccommendations on how far all of this should go would be wonderful.  

I'm getting excited, too, Cho! The reunion date was so far away and now it's so close. I think allowing a week is good. February 14 is on a Thursday, so you all should probably stick to that for the start, then keep checking in for a week or more after that. One thread where people answer items from your suggested questionnaire as they wish sounds like a good idea to me. I'm eager to learn what CB alums are doing these days, what they're studying or how they spend their days. Are you still in Japan? Others may have good ideas for additional threads. Many of you are much more creative than I am. I do think it's a good idea to give it some advance thought.


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Ahhhhhhhh I was just scrolling through DtE, and then I saw 'Cho Chang', and I did a double take. Anyway, hi!! How've you been?? Ahh I've missed you so much, it's so great to see you again!

Anyway, on to the actual topic of this thread...:P I definitely think that we should plan ahead for Valentine's Day 2019. I've actually thought about making a thread for it multiple times, so I'm glad you brought it up.

I think making it a week long is a good idea, too. First of all, we’ll have more time for everything that way, and secondly, some people might have plans on Valentine’s Day (the unthinkable!) and then if they weren’t able to get on Valentine’s Day, they still wouldn’t entirely miss it.

About the post, maybe there should be one ‘official’ thread, just where everybody can say hello and chat a bit, and then we’d have other threads too, like the questionnaire, for instance? I like the huge questionnaire idea a lot, by the way, and I think we should definitely do that.

I also think a scavenger hunt or big game of some sort would be cool. Also maybe we could try to do some sort of big RP (or multiple RPs) with everybody?  

Another thing, I think we should all come up with a date for the next reunion together. Maybe we could make it an annual thing? Or an every two years or every three years thing. But I think planning when the next reunion will be is important.

I’ll definitely be thinking more about this, and I’ll probably have more ideas later. I’m starting to get really excited for this. I can’t believe how soon it is! It always seemed so far away and now it’s sneaking up on us! 

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Yes yes yes we must think of a date for the next reunion. It would be so awful to not have a date like that to hang onto. It's such an ingrained part of the culture, I feel like, I might be almost upset once it's over, haha.

Maybe we could make it Valentine's day every however-many-years. I'm not sure when the idea was established, but it would be cool if we added however many years ago 2019 is from then and did it like that, if you know what I mean.

Ookz says udip. You dip? Does he want hummus? 

I think it might have been five years ago. I do know that at the time 2019 seemed very far away.


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I thought it was three years, but I'm not sure. If I remember correctly, I think the date was selected around the Nostalgia War. I'll go and do some digging in the annals. ;)

OK, thanks.


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@Admin, we were both super close! Four years! I like the idea of a four year reunion. :) 

Four—halfway between your three and my five. Perfect! It'll always be the year between the years of the Winter and Summer Olympics. (This cycle 2018 and 2020.) Thanks for looking it up.


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Oh, that's cool! I hadn't realized that. You're welcome, Admin!

And FYI, there are two excerpts from Chatterbox mentioning the February 14 reunion being published in the February 2019 Cricket's Letterbox in the magazine. So that may remind some people to look for the thread.


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omg haha I didn't realize that was my post! I feel famous ^.^

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*tackle hugs back*

I've been doing pretty good lately. :)) How 'bout yourself?

I'm definitely in favor of a chatting thread--Think of all the catching up we would need to do! It's insanity. (Just a smidge)

I was thinking of a scavenger hunt too, but the amount of work would be a bit much, if we get a couple more people who are interested, we might be able to work something out. I was thinking maybe getting a couple of people to hide words in posts beforehand or set up posts with the scavenger hunt items/words. Then some people who volunteered wouldn't get the same experience, but I still think it would be fun. ^^ (I'd totally be willing to help with that) 

Building off of the RPG idea: Maybe a thread for the AEs to hang out and say hello and be random? 

And then about the next reunion: Do you think that should be planned during Valentine's Day week?

Sloth says eeyy. 'Ey is for horses and cows, not little sloths like you! 

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Hey, Cho! I don't know if you remember me, but hello!

Those all sound like great ideas! And yes, I remember Killim! She changed her name a while back to Dr. Who?, but then she ended up leaving a couple of months ago. If I remember correctly, Killim is in the U.S., in Florida. Then again, I'm not 100% positive. 

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I do! So hello again. :)

Ah, okay, thanks for letting me know. I did come across that (I think) it was LillyPad lived in Australia, but I'm not sure, I'm tired and it's been a minute since I looked at that post.

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OHMYGOODNESS, HI CHO!!! *tackle hugs* It's so good to see you again! How are you doing? How's Japan? Been writing anything lately?

I'm beyond excited for Valentine's Day 2019— I can't wait to see all my old friends again— and I love the idea of extending it to a week. I think a questionnaire is a great idea. It would be nice to check in, see how everyone's doing and get to know people we don't know as well. Maybe you could add something about current writing projects?

Other than that, though, I was kind of picturing just an explosion of activity and love and chaos. Everywhere. Now that I think about it, it might be a lot to handle. We'll see, I guess! 

I'm so excited, you guys! It used to feel so so far away and now it's not! I wonder who'll come back. I wonder if anyone's forgotten. I wonder if anyone will remember me. AHH I'M SO PUMPED

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*tackle hugs back* Hiiiiiii!!! I've been doing pretty good! I can't really complain, anyways. ^^ Japan is great, we stayed overnight in Tokyo awhile ago, and got to drive past Tokyo Tower, so that was uber cool. :)

As for writing: There was about a year break after I left, then I wrote a book, but that was it. Then a couple months ago, my writing love just flew right (write ahahaha) back up with Dungeons & Dragons. I've written at least 100 printer pages in the past 3 or 4 months, about half of that being for D&D, the other half for my NaNo book, and then quite a bit of excess for a second draft (of my Charrie Sheet book actually, it's still in the works. :3), and oodles of worldbuilding.

Back to Valentine's Day 2019: I love your idea about writing projects! Maybe one for art too?

Lol, I was also imagining all the chaos and then my brain went      wait wut    chaos? So that's part of the reason why I made this thread. I believe that a certain amount of chaos is healthy (and 100% part of the CB), but that there should be fun stuff too because why not? Organized chaos is the pest. ^^ It's called being an INFJ. XP

Sloth says eaui. No, Sloth! It's aeiou. I'd feel better if you said aeio. But then I might think that you were saying that there's an AE named Io, so it doesn't matter. *snuggles and forgives him* 

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Kinda random, but ahh you’re an INFJ?? Me too!

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Swweeeeeet. :) INFJs for the win! 

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