I know I

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I know I

I know I am changing... Changing into something more. I am completely fine with it, with the full understanding that I am not being discarded, and that I would remember who I was before. I'll still be me, with an altered personality and a different appearence and most likely a new name, but I'll still have the same powers and memories; basically I'll be me in a different body. Rogue said that the change would hurt, but I'm ready. Finally, I would be someone who would be known and respected by all, even the most arrogant of AEs. I don't know just quite how, but I know that I wouldn't let anybody look down upon me. Rogue in their community was known and either loved or feared for their straightforwardness, courage, and silence. Sometimes I wonder how Rogue stood it, being the paradox-type that is an INTJ. But back to the present. I stroll nonchalantly down the CB, another sign that I'm changing. Normally I'd be walking briskly, eager to get back to Rogue. Now, I'm enjoying being out, watching the letter-blossom trees bloom in their designated brick cubicles. They really are quite beautiful, the flowers seemingly made of various masterpeices, may they have originally been on canvas or paper. I pull my hood up and for a second a grey mask covers the lower half of my face, but it disappears as quickly as it came. I'm guessing my next form will have a grey mask, then, and a hoodie. Mysterious. I like it. When will I finish this transformation...? A name flashes before my eyes. Made of flaming silver, it reads... It's gone. I didn't have time enough to read it.

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(February 1, 2019 - 12:33 pm)

Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Not all of us. With everyone so far below me, who could there be to look up at? 

I don’t know, maybe she’ll do something worthy of your respect.

Yeah, right. Just you wait and see. She might make it past them, but I’m miles in the lead in terms of awesomeness. No offense or anything, but you can’t have it all. ‘Cause it’s mine.

*places a hand on Viola?’s shoulder* She is the way she is. What is true will be true. 

*overhearing and misinterpreting* That’s right. 

One of us might be surprised...

Yeah, you! *shifts into an eagle-fox* *flies away cackling*

*waits until she’s sure Nymph is out of earshot* Sorry about that. I don’t know what’s coming, but she’s pretty determined to not like you. Nothing personal, I think. I’m not her. 

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(February 11, 2019 - 10:57 am)