Hey y’all. Just

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Hey y’all. Just

Hey y’all. Just wanted to announce that on Saturday I’m getting a puppy!!! She’s a rescue, apparently part lab and part border collie, and she’s black and white and adorable <3

We haven’t officially decided on a name yet, but she’ll probably be named Maggie and we might get a second dog after we’ve had her for a bit. Plus, this weekend is my school’s musical, Footloose, which will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so things are pretty crazy! 

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(February 28, 2019 - 5:20 pm)


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That's amazing. I've always wanted a dog or cat but my mom is allergic to both so only LOUSY LITTLE FISH FOR ME!!!

(my beta died a while ago. He was the only decent fish I had or have. He was called LARRY!!!)

I'm seeing how quickly my fish will die if I don't feed them. . . . . so that eventually I can start over again with a beta . . .  

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fish have feelings too...

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Aww, congrats Riddler! She sounds so cute. I absolutely love dogs! I hope you enjoy her puppy year! It goes by quickly.

Also a (kind of) friend of mine is doing Footloose for his school too! Who knew ;)

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Ahhhhh ok ok she is the cutest thing ever.

My brother has already taken her sledding down the hill behind my house, and she loves chewing anything she can, people included.


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AWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA this hadn’t shown up when I posted before, but she is ADORABLE OMIGOSH. <3<3

Nugget says kycu. Kentucky see you? That’s a little creepy, whatever it means...or perhaps he was talking about Cú, St.’s AE...?

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*Sharp inhale* dfkhvescgfmwskdfghpfl,cwlkermfhvocgwkerfcho WHAT THAT IS THE MOST ADORABLE PUPPER I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME 

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so cute! :3

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AHHHHH congratulations! Aww, a puppy, that’s so exciting! I’d love it if you posted pictures of her! 

@Jith—oh gosh, please don’t starve your fish to death just to get a new one! Maybe you could find a friend or neighbor that would want them if you don’t anymore? 

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Ack! Please don't starve your fish!!


I wanna dogggg but my mom isn't a fan of animals, she says it's either her or the dog XD.  

Rfdr. FDR?? 

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That's so exciting, Riddler!! And she's so cute!

I wish I could get a dog, but my parents aren't huge fans of them. 


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AAAH! Oh my gosh, The Riddler, your new puppy is absolutely adorable! I wish I had a dog... all I’ve got is two Carnival fish who have somehow survived an entire year now.

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