(Jericho’s POV)

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

(Jericho’s POV)

(Jericho’s POV)

Sebastian has been begging me to bring him to the zoo, because apparently he can’t just seem to go by himself. We end up leaving at around noon, making it to the zoo about 20 minutes after we leave. 

We bought tickets, and Sebastian immediately runs to all of the animals, each one ignoring him. I go to the giraffe enclosure, but once I’m done looking at them, I realize that Sebastian is missing. I walk around, trying to pinpoint were he might be. What’s his favorite animal? Do I not know my own brother’s favorite animal? 

I slowley walk back to the entrance, passing the enclosures one by one, until I see one I didn’t check. The bear enclosure. There’s just one bear sitting there, a grizzly bear I believe, just sitting there, looking away. And, wouldn’t you know it, Sebastian is right there, just sitting on a bench near the bear, the bear and him making eye contact. 

That night I ended up sleeping like a log, until I feel like I’m being violently shaken. I mumble something that resembles a ‘what’ as I’m still half asleep. Then, I feel freezing water being poured on me, and decide to wake up. 

“Get out of my room.” I tell Sebastian, who’s basically on top of me at this point. 

Jericho, I stole something.” 

“Just give it back.”

”its big. And alive.”

”...What...?” I get up at this point, and hear a dull snuffing sound, like an animal would make. I follow the sound, which is leading to our basement, and I see a- no, it can’t be- the same bear that Sebastian was looking at at the zoo. I back up, and get behind Sebastian, in fear of, well, the giant bear in our basement. 

“His Name is Booboo.” Sebastian whispers to me. 


so yeah, I have a Captcha now. He doesn’t say the captchas, he just growls. It’s a bear. :) 


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HaHA, I love this!

Nice to meet you, Booboo! 

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The fact that a story about a person stealing a bear from a zoo is so heartwarming slightly concerns me.

That being said, welcome, Booboo :P 

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Hi ther im Jasp er! Nice two mee t you! 

<Hi there I'm Jasper! Nice to meet you!> 

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