Darkking's house

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Darkking's house

Darkking's house


On the top of a cold mountain, dusted with waist-high snow there is a castle, large and foreboding it looms over you, but this is where the map leads so you quickly trudge inside. Once you open the door you are met with the warm glow of candlelight and a great hallway, invisible hands pull off your coat, hat, gloves, and boots, trading them with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a warm pair of slippers. You look around for your garments and find them neatly folded in a cubby by the great door that you just entered through.

Curious, you look around, the floor has a dark red carpet with silver trim branching off into separate rooms, the rest of the carpet leads directly in front of you to a grand staircase that splits in two, each spiraling above, towards the second story. A painting hangs between the two staircases, it's of a young boy with blue hair and a dark crown embedded with silver, at his left shoulder there are two solemn figures, one wearing a dressy suit with his hand on the velvet chair the blue-headed adolescent is on, and the other wearing a purple dress with her hand s clasped at her front. At his other shoulder, you see a bright male grinning down at you wearing a bright gold suit with the tie undone and his rainbow hair glinting, the other figure is a young girl with wings and the features of a cat, her purple eyes full of laughter.

Which way will you go? 

Upper Left

You decide to venture up the left staircase, it seems that the other staircase leads here too, where exactly is here you ask? her is a great hall filled with pillars, the red carpet continues to the foot of a throne where the boy from the picture sits in his purple cat and flower pajamas, eating a tub of Neopolitan ice cream.

You question him on his current actions, he opens his mouth to answer but is interrupted by a smooth female voice "He's sulking, I beat him in a hand to hand combat lesson."

the boy scowls and states "Be quiet and let me wallow myself in pity will you..." He looks at the girl for another moment before speaking "Izzy doesn't really suit you anymore, what should I call you now?"

"Asthene feels about right." She smiles before turning down the hallway that she came from.

The boy king looks after her for a moment before saying "She's waiting for you to follow her, you know, to show you around." 

Guide acquired.

New objective made.

You thank him and follow Athene into the corridor, tracing her every movement and attempting to remember the way back, you are unsuccessful at the latter. You finally reach your destination which you see is a great library. Asthene calls into the library ")(William! We have a visitor!)("

You hear a delayed reply "I'll be right there!" then you hear the squeak of hinges as a ladder, about thirty feet high, weels into view, at the top is the other somber figure at the left of the portrait that you saw earlier. The male, having abandoned his overcoat and tie on a desk nearby your right hand, slides down the ladder and bows to you. "It is good to have company, this place gets lonely at times with just us." You tell him that it may be that it's so darn hard to get to and he chuckles nervously "I've been trying to build a teleporter but it's slow going, I apologize for the inconvenience." You manage to tell him that it's fine and then you'll see him later before you are whisked away by your self-appointed guide.

The next room you are led into is the kitchen, where you are met with a complete and utter mess. There is frosting all over the walls, ingredients on the counter and all over the floor, and standing in the middle of it all is the rainbow-haired boy you remember from the painting. He is wearing a frosting and ingredient covered "Kiss the Cook" apron. He is finishing the last flower on a beautiful layered cake that has the appearance of a garden, with vines creeping up the sides and roses blooming all over. "Heya stranger! What brings you to our humble abode?" You answer that you wanted to see where your friend lived because you were curious, he answers "That sounds fun, how much have you seen yet?"

Asthene answers for you ")(The west wing, also known as the Library, Tech area, and William's room, and the North wing, also known as the Kitchen, greenhouse garden, family room, dining room, and Harlequin's room, or where we are now.)(" You thank her for the information, before you leave to explore the South and east wings you and Asthene are each offered a slice of cake, you go to thank him before remembering that you weren't directly told his name, luckily you remember this area being called Harlequin's room and you conclude that this rainbow monstrosity must be Harlequin.

The East wing is where you go next, also known as the hospital wing. Apparently, this is Asthene's place of expertise since her companions are constantly in need of being treated for various injuries such as broken bones, burns, cuts, and something about stone.

You notice a spiraling staircase, your guide takes you up it and into a large dome filled with pranking equipment, as well as a hammock hanging from the ceiling. There is a pool in the door to your left so you decide to investigate, you are met with a splash of warm water and four-letter laughter. You open your eyes to see a winged girl treading water in the pool, her ears poking out of a swim cap and her tail twitching with amusement. Asthene scolds her jokingly ")(Morrigan! You can't just splash our guest!)(" She narrowly avoids a water balloon thrown at her by the giggling girl. You and your guide both abscond from the water war, not without a bit of splashing of course.

You travel to the south wing last, which is an extension of the library containing specifically storybooks of any kind, it is also home to the menagerie, you make sure to pet the animals you find there, you also learn that the south wing is home to your host, the blue-haired king.

You thank Asthene and decide to wander on your own, but before she goes your guide hands you a map of the house. You turn to thank her but she's already gone.


North wing, floor one

Tech area

Lower library

North wing, floor two 

Upper library

William's Room 


West wing, floor one 


Family room

Greenhouse garden  

West wing, floor two


Dining room 

Harliquin's room 


East wing, floor one



Hospital(Small injuries) 

East wing, floor two 


Hospital(Serious injuries)

There's a name scratched out here that you can barely read, Izzy it may say, beneath the scratches there's another name.

)(Asthene's room)( 


South wing, floor one



South wing, floor two


Darkking's Room 


Have fun roaming around my Magnificent Mansion

(I'm sorry that this is so long, I had a ton of ideas about what to do and they just kept clicking together through the day!) <(~.~;<)

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The boy king, having recovered from his sulking, changes into his usual attire and slides down the banister to meet his CAPTCHA friend for a toboggan ride. They are in the mountains after all and snow is fun to sled in. After hauling the sled from the depths of who knows where the two set off on their journey, on one of the sled rides they almost run over someone, the king apologizes as they race past and crash headfirst into a tree. From his upsidedown viewpoint, the king, Darkking, looks up at his visitor grinning sheepishly. Meanwhile, the CAPTCHA, Morrigan, laughs at him from her bailing position, as she jumped from the sled a little after they almost ran over their friend.


I just realized how much of a word vomit this thread is. When I first wrote this it was 4 pages long. 4 PAGES! *sighs* I have a problem.

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I read 'the boy king' and my brain went 'WAIT YOU'RE CATASTROPHE' and then I was like 'Oh shoot just how tired am I really...' It was fun.

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Am I Catastrophe though? We both have blue eyes and blond hair(irl) and we are both boy kings so there's no proof I'm not evil, other than I don't have a warbird Pheonix.

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That's a Song of War Bird to you, thanks much. XP

Excpet you'r a girl IRL HAHAHAHA BUSTED 

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Yes I'm a female of the geek and nerd variey, the kind that understands all the references from Ready Player One because they've read the referenced books and seen the referenced movies.

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*Maniacal laughter*

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OK-  THis is aMAZING IN EVERY WAY- also, I dont know why, but when you described the boy with blue hair, I just imagined a kid version of Hades from the Hercules movie. :)

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I've never seen Hercules (I know, I'm horrible) and don't know what their version of Hades looks like but I looked it up and

I? love him? 

He's? so cool looking?

Though he looks quite sinister and in reality he was the most chill dude in all of olympus because  he wasn't constantly chasing girls. And his wife Persephone? Don't get me started, I mean her original name was Kore which meant pure but she changed it into Persephone which means murder so.

I'm a Mythology nerd I know and I'm sorry

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ohmygosh I never thought I’d meet my own kind, who’s your favorite Greek god/goddess?? Hades has to be my favorite, because did you know that Cerberus, actually means “spotted” in Ancient Greek? HE NAMED HIS DOG SPOT HE’S SUCH A DORK *cries with happiness* Apollo is a close second, though. :)

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