Any oboists here?

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Any oboists here?

Any oboists here?

Hey! If you’re on this thread, you probably play the oboe like me. I thought it would be cool to have a thread to talk about our experiences, reed making, favorite oboists, audition tips, etc. - really anything oboe related.  

By the way, my oboe’s name is Cigno (Italian for swan). That’s why I call myself CignusMoon. Does anyone else give their instruments names?

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I don't play the oboe but I'm pretty sure that like everyone in my school's orchestra have named their instrumants

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I don't play oboe, but I do name my instruments (among other things)! My keyboard is named Red (it has a red paint smear on it), and my ukulele is named Scorch (long story). My old ukulele was named Perversus (Latin for Squint-- also a long story). 

I feel really weird writing this... XD 

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