I'm backkkkkk!

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I'm backkkkkk!

I'm backkkkkk!

I honestly haven't been on here since November, so that's fun. I'm really going to try to come on here more, because it's really fun to be on here. But since this is for talking about the world around you, I'd really just like to share an opinion real quick;

Okay, so just a disclaimer, I'm not some sort of eco-maniac. I just think about this a lot.

Recently, a lot has been going on with the usage of plastic/unnecessary waste, and it's kind of been making me think; what if there was some sort of way I could help at all? So in my school, Quill (that's her cber name, but we're friends irl) and I tried to get a real set of silverware so we reduced the amount of plastic utensils we use.   Sadly, that didn't really work out, but I tried to think of another community to bring this onto.  Since most of the kids in my school really don't care about this kind of stuff, I figured I'd come back here to the nice writing people online, who actually care about a thing or two happening in the world.  I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a new sort of trend thing, at least on here, saying ways we can minimize the amount of plastic we use in our day-to-day lives.

Anyone interested?????? 

I'm very interested! I never buy plastic silverware. I don't mind washing the real utensils. If we do get plastice somewhere, we wash and save them to be reused. We recycle plastic, glass, newspapers, magazines, etc.


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Welcome back!

I just recently learned that scientists are now making mouthful-sized capsules that are composed of biodegradeable/edible algae-made skins and hold water. They're also doing the same thing with shampoo and conditioner, with water-soluable skins. Eventually we may not even need plastic bottles!

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*a blue, green and pink egg has appeared!*

How much does the average family spend on Easter? 

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I don't know, but I'd guess... $50? I don't know, I don't celebrate Easter! Happy Passover, everyone!

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At my house we take plastic silverware to school, but like Admins, we wash the utensils. We also use plastic grocery bags as garbage bags and use cloth bags at the store when we remember.

Have you ever read 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save the Earth

I have a copy, though I don't know where it is. It's the book that made me realize just how much pollution is in the world, and how easy it is to fix it! 

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I do bring my own utensils to school, and I don't use plastic bags or bottles too. I just really wish other people would try and change their habits too, and no, I've never heard of that book. I'll have to check it out!

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My family owns like four pairs of plastic utensils, but we don't use them much, maybe once every three months? Anyway, we use a lot of metalware.

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Oh hey! I remember you! *Tackle hugs* Welcome back!

I'm homeschooled, so no lunchroom plastic utensils for me, but my family almost always uses real silverware unless we're having some sort of event or something where it would be inconvenient to have everyone use silverware. But that almost never happens, so.

We also recycle, and compost too actually. There's a company called Garbage to Garden in Portland, I don't know if they're outside of Maine, but they pick up compost every week like normal trash. So my family isn't super wasteful or anything. I was just doing yardwork this morning, cleaning up our front/side-of-house garden thing, and there's so much trash that's blown into our yard over the winter! Our backyard has some various chip bags and things and I found several Halloween candy wrappers and some bits of plastic bag in our front garden. *Shudders* I cleaned it up, but it was gross. Ick...litter. 

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Hey! Don't remember you, but welcome back! I... erm... use a lot of plastic. Oops. My brother is against it though, he tries not to use plastic when he doesn't have to. Coyote. 

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We compost too . . . . though maybe not in the same way.

Litter. Is. The. Worst. Like, whenever I see it on the side of the road, I just want to clean it up immedieately. Also, how did it get there in the first place? Do people actually throw it out the window or somethin?????

*is horrified*

*drinks lemonade to soothe nerves* 

*sees "portland" in Leafpool's post*

*freaks out*

*sees "maine"*

*realizes she's talking about a different portland*


*realizes I'm being selfish and offers lemonade to everyone* 

*secretly wonders if I am the only Oregonian on this website*

*sighs again*

*rides away on Taoa* 

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I'm somewhat proud of the fact that Portland, Maine actually has a port. On. The. Sea. People.

I'm pretty sure some other CBer lives in Portland, OR, I think it might have been Lighting but I haven't seen her around in a long time. 


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Yeah, I'd lke to try composting, but I don't think my family would be down for it.  I feel like we never really think abiut how much plastic we use on a daily basis.  Right now I'm literally in the cafeteria at my school eating lunch.  I had a sandwich in a plastic bag, and I have a plastic continer of pringles, and a plastic fork for my strawberries. Whoops.  And I've been doing really well with not using plastic. Dang-it. 

**Flips lunch table in frustration** 

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hi people

this is good idea

can i have some lemonade plz? i have reusable water bottle... 


What really bothers me is that at my school, everyone used to use these nice, big reusable plastic trays for our lunches. But now, the staff has been too lazy to wash them and only the younger kids get to use those. Us older kids have to use SMALLER paper compostable trays that are floppy and don't fit as much food. 

Ton says eoot. I googled it. everything on one touch? what?

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