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Hello MCU fans! I've been feeling for a while now that I should make an MCU fan thread/chat thread/whatever thread because I'm misusing the Random Thoughts/Things thread as a chat thread, which it is not. So, here we are. I haven't watched Captain Marvel, Endgame, or Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, so don't give me spoilers please. ;) But otherwise, feel free to talk about any Marvel stuff.

I want to talk about Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Infinity War, since I saw those most recently. Doctor Strange was fairly strange and I was not expecting to see any other superheroes in it, but Thor was in the first scene in the credits and it made my day. XD 

And then Spider-Man. That was really good. Oh, so by the way, I had known that there was a scene in the credits of every Marvel movie before all the rolling credits begin, and so we've been watching those. But I only just figured out that there was a second scene in the credits, way at the end after everything else, by the time that we were watching Doctor Strange. So after the movie was over we skipped through the credits to see the scene. And then for Spider-Man, we were watching that on the Amazon app on our Xbox+TV and the fast-forward options when you're watching stuff on an Xbox are kind of weird, either you go fairly slowly or you go super fast and so as to not miss anything, we were mostly going slowly through the credits JUST so that we could watch the last scene in them and it took us so long...and then the scene...I'm sorry, it was hilarious. Considering what we had just done to see it. I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it, (you should all watch Spider-Man: Homecoming again and watch that last scene) but I will say that Captain America totally. And utterly. Owned us. It was hilarious, and I kind of wonder if people who stayed to watch that scene in the theaters wailed or shrieked or who knows what.

Anyway, that was long. To spare you all for now from the rest of my fangirlness, I'm going to stop here and talk about Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War later. Because there's lots to talk about, some of which involves Thor's new appearance and some of which involves (SPOILERS) everyone TURNING to DUST in Infinity War. But that's for another time. XD 

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My domain! *grins*

I have not seen Spider Man: Far from Home or Captain Marvel yet, so please do not spoil me on those two. Ironically enough, I haven't seen any of the Iron Man movies either, although I don't mind as much if people discuss spoilers for them. I still absolutely love Tony Stark's character based on what I've seen of him in all the other movies. 

Ahahahaha the post-credits scene from Spider Man is AMAZING in that context! Wow. 

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I haven't seen Captain Marvel either. My favorite marvel movie is either Far From Home (witch I saw yesterday) or Captain America Winter Soldier.

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I've seen all the movies except the Iron Man ones, but I don't mind people dropping Iron Man spoilers-- I'm really not a huge Iron Man fan. My favorite Marvel characters are Black Widow, Bucky, Nebula, Star-Lord and Gamora. Which group do y'all like better: Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers? I'd probably have to choose the Avengers. 

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I haven't watched a ton of the marvel movies (kinda a random assortment of them) but Tony stark is my favorite Avenger. Also I think all the new characters are great and all, but I really love the original Avengers

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*wails loudly so everyone can hear*
I've never seen any of the marvel movies and I want to soooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM?????????????????
*wails again loudly* 

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I'd say you'll probably get to watch them at some point in your life, so stay away from this thread which will have spoilers. Earlier this year I thought I was never going to watch the Marvel movies so I read a bunch of spoilers on the CB 'cause I was interested and then later, I got to start watching the movies, but I'd already heard a lot of spoilers. 

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Oh my gosh yes, the after credit of Homecoming. XXXD That was so great, my sister and I kept quoting it for days. 

I thinm my favorites have to be Captain America: The First Avenger, Doctor Strange, The Avengers, and Endgame, they were all amazing ^^

I haven't seen Hulk, Ragnarok or Black Panther yet, but I have seen Far From Home! It's awesome, and the ending ohmygosh ahh

Can we discuss Captain Marvel? Like as a character? I... I am not a fan. Her powers make like NO SENSE, oh hey I can do all of these cool things well great, what are your limits? Where does it end? What makes you able to do all of these things?


Also, her personality-- or really, her COMPLETE LACK of personality, she's like a totally flat character and she's like annoying too. Okay Captain Marvel rant over. 

I know ths isn't MCU-related, but does anyone else have a deep desire to read The Runaways? 

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Thor's accent aaaaaaah <3

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I'm watching Captain Marvel tonight!

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my best friendlooks like Thor

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Update: I have watched Captain Marvel! It was pretty good, I didn't expect it to be. Captain Marvel is kind of OP, but what can you do. 

On the topic of a different movie--does anyone remember how in Infinity War, Iron Man was going to call Captain America, and he pulled out his flip phone (XD) and it had Captain America's contact on it, and there was a REAL ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER there? I didn't catch what it was but I seriously want to call that number and find out what happens. Also, I'm not sure which movie it's in, but in one of them they're showing the Avengers' headquarters and they give you the coordinates of them? Again, I didn't get to see what the coordinates actually were, but I want to look them up and find out where they point to.  

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@Faith C LUCKY YOU! I don't really have a best friend, more like a couple close friends. None of them really look like Marvel characters, but one of them is obsessed with Black Panther. Does anyone else love Black Panther? The movie was so well-made.  

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My only contribution to this thread:

Spiderman: Far From Home was surprisingly good

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Aawwwww Endgame isn't available to rent on Amazon yet! You can only buy it, for something like 20 dollars. But apparently it's still in the theaters...sort of? There's like, a re-release of it or something that's playing...I think? It's what the Internet says.

Ooooh, it would be so epic to see Endgame in theaters. Probably not happening though. ;l 

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