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For those of us that aren't homeschooled, school is starting soon— Or maybe it already has! This is a thread to talk about what your school is like, what kind of classes you're taking, and stuff like that. Happy discussing! :)

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(August 25, 2019 - 12:22 pm)

I go to a private Catholic school- there's only about 40 kids in each grade!

I'm in seventh grade, so like... not the best time period of anyone's life. I'm making it, so far.

The seventh and eighth graders at my school do this thing called Cultural Literacy, where we learn a little bit about a lot of different things. We have to write out definitions from a book and then take tests over them. So, that's happening now. :/

Our Core classes are math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Religion and PE/Spanish depending on the day of the week. And we have Art, Computers, and Music for everyday for a trimester each.

We're starting a demerit system this year, and so far it's really not doing anything different. 

I could rant about the two worst classes I have to endure, Spanish and Music (not because of content, but rather because of those teachers mixed with my classmates), but I'll spare you for now. 

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I go to a private Christian School and there are only 35 kids in my grade, I'm in eighth grade and my first day of school was today. Most of the time I like school but sometimes I get sick of it, my favorite subject is history/civics, but I also like Bible class because we have a really good teacher for Bible. I like going to such a small school because you get to know everyone really well and the teachers also get to know you well. We have two new students this year and they're both in my class, I met them both today and they're really nice. I also happy because my class is doing a great job including them. The only thing I don't like is the one kid is like 6 foot 5 inches and just towers over all of us. I don't like tech class much because the teacher doesn't honestly know much about technology and treats us like we're really little kids, I do like using technology but not the class. But otherwise I really enjoy my school.


My little brother is 6 ft 7 in and has always felt embarassed about how tall he is! It can be a sensitive subject. -- admin 

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oh, sorry, I didn't realize I had worded it like that, I'm fine with the fact that he is tall, it just makes me feel short

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I go to a public middle school that goes from grade 5 to grade 8.  I am in eighth grade and my grade alone has around 350 kids in it. My first day of school was today, and it went pretty well. 

Our core classes are math, English, Science, Social Studies, and the language that you picked in sixth grade. You can take either French or Spanish, and I chose French. The specials are phys ed, tech ed, art, music, health, and family consumer sciences. We have phys ed the whole year and the rest of the specials for either half or a quarter of the year.

I don't always like how many kids my school has because it can take a long time to get through the hallways when classes are switching and it gets very crowded, but otherwise I like my school a lot. 


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I just started my first year of middle school, the halls are crazy, I already have a bunch of homework, and I have to change in front of everyone in P.E. Elementary school was way calmer, but I guess it's sort of cool in middle school. It's still a little nerveracking, though.

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I go to an arts-focus secular private school and class starts next Tuesday for me. I’m going in to 10th grade and there are about 150 kids in my grade— an average class is about 15 people. I like the size of my school bc it’s small enough that you know everybody, but still big enough to have things like sports and theater (and also you can avoid people you don’t like).

My courses for this year are English, French, Algebra 2 honors, Chem honors, Art History, Mysteries, and Orchestra. Mysteries is this very odd class that our school does that’s like a mix between health, community service, and group therapy. Mostly we chat about our lives and feelings and stuff. It’s chill. I have 2 free periods this year because I’m only taking one art. I was also going to take theater but Theater 2 and Orchestra meet at the same block so :/

I like my school, generally. I mean, it’s school. I like going mostly to hang out with my friends. I know it’s a good school and I feel very lucky that I get to have such a excellent education in such an excellent environment. It’s a pretty “anything goes” place, there’s not much of a dress code, a club for everything, and at lunch there’s always something going on— like a lip synching contest or a water balloon toss or an improv show or something. (Last year the senior prank involved them filling the courtyard with snow in the middle of June. It was hilarious.) 

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Oh wow a lot of you go to Religious schools! I bet that's really different from any school I've been to haha. I go to a 4-grade public high school (4-grade means it's big but not the biggest- my brother goes to a 5-grade school and I think there might be 6-grade in some places too. Pretty sure I used to go to a 2-grade or 3-grade school) and I'm a senior! Which means I get to basically choose my classes. I'm taking advanced psychology, advanced (English) language and compesition (which is basically a class to help you be more open minded and question everything and I lovvvve it!), life managment cause wow ima be adulting here pretty soon, and advanced stats. And I'm in a peer mentoring program where I must take care of all the baby freshies and make sure they don't get lost and wonder into the creek ;p 

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I’ve been homeschooled all my life, but my sister and I go to this weekly Christian co-op with our homeschool group. For middle and high school we basically have classes on one day and then do the homework for the rest of the week. It’s very small and very chill for a school group, which I like, but it’s kinda awkward, stressful, and lonely, for me. For 9th grade this year I’m taking Omnibus 1 (we did stuff out of order), Writing, Algebra 2, Government/Economics, Spanish 3, Bible, and General Science (also out of order).

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I'm starting high school this year, and although I've been homeschooled my whole life, I'm going to public school. It was a really hard, painful, and stressful decision, but I finally decided that homeschooling doesn't work the best for me anymore and I'm extroverted, and need to be around people more. Also, if I go to high school and it ends up not working for me for some reason, I can go back to homeschooling, but if I homeschool this year and then halfway through decide that it would've been better to go to school, it would be really hard to get into school at that point.

SO--the school I'm going to is really close. Like, really close. I guess it wouldn't be entirely smart to say where exactly it is in relation to my house, but I'm about half a minute away from it. XD Both my older siblings went there. My classes this year are Honors English, AP Human Geography (it turns out that if you take Honors English, you have to take that geography class which I wasn't thrilled about because I wanted to do Honors History), French II, Honors Earth and Space Science, Physical Education (of course), Algebra I Honors, and Chorus. I didn't want to do Honors math, because the course description said it was "rigorous" and "fast-paced" and I don't do well with fast-paced math. But my mom and my guidance counselor said I should do it. Also, that's not until my second semester, so I'm not doing math until winter! O.O 

School starts on Tuesday for me, and thankfully I'm not too nervous, but it's a little bit crazy to think that I'm actually going to high school and it's September already. Also that my fourteenth birthday is coming. HELP! 

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Oh right! I didn't mention that I have a late birthday. It's at the beginning of November, a couple weeks after the cutoff where you would usually go into a lower grade, but since I've been homeschooled that's never been something I did. I guess I could technically be in eighth grade but there would only be a few reasons for me to do that. But yeah, I'm going to be 13 for the first couple months of my freshman year. Aaaaaaaaaaaah

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Ooh... good luck Leafy!! I'm with you, I was homeschooled from 4th grade to 9th, but then in 9th grade, I started to take a few public school classes. It was hard to transition into, but I did it. I know you can too! Hope your first day of school went well! :)

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I go to a pretty small public school. There's about 500 kids in total in the high school, with about 70 kids per grade. This year I have Algebra, American History, ELA, Science, Band, and a bunch of lab classes I don't really like because of the people in them. At my school, this year they sort the kids into two separate math classes. They made you take a placement test last year to decide which one you got into. If you passed then you got algebra, and if you didn't you got the regular math class. 

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I'm a bit late to this conversation haha, but my first day of school is tomorrow! Yikes. I do online school and have since last year (but before that I was solely homeschooled), but the organization my classes are run by is actually through my local school district. So I have to start at the same time as all the other public schoolers, and take similar classes as the other kids in my grade. This year my core classes are English II, Biology, World History, and Algebra I, and my elective is Phy Ed. I know that Phy Ed taught online must sound weird or impossible haha, but as far as I can tell, I mostly just have to keep a log of all the exercise I do throughout the week, which has to include so many minutes of cardio and strength training, etc., and have my parents sign off on it. But we'll see how that goes. 

Good luck to everyone who starts school tomorrow!! I hope you have a great year. <3 

(Also, Agatha says "vvuum". Either she's purring really loudly, or she's pretending to be a car...?) 

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I go to school pretty big public high school. It has about 1,000 - 1,500 people, I don't know the exact number; definitely closer to 1,500 though! I take all honors core classes, which means that I take advanced English and Chemistry, I'm a year ahead in math, and I'm taking AP (Advanced Placement; usually a college course) European History. I'm also in marching band, second year engineering, and Latin (which is the class I'm in right now). Needless to say, I'm pretty busy! (That's part of the reason why I'm so inactive on here lol) School started about 3 weeks ago for me.


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