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Hello! I just wanted to conduct a small census to see who here is homeschooled. So I guess, just post here if you're homeschooled, and you can chat about homeschooling if you want ;D

I've been homeschooled for my whole life, but it's actually ironic that I'm making this thread because *gasp* I'm betraying y'all and going to high school! And public school, at that. I start on Tuesday...(eeek....).

Well, anyway, hi homeschooler friends! Tell me if you're homeschooled, what you like or dislike about it, whatever you want. :P


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Yay! Homeschoolers unite! 

I was public schooled... until after preschool. So... I was pretty much homeschooled for life.

Also, you are going to public high school? Good luck out there. From what I have heard, public school is not the best place. 




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Hey there! I used to be homeschooled!

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I'm half homeschooled, half public. Last year, I took 3 classes at the highschool, the year before I took only 2, and this year, I'm taking 3 classes again. 

I was homeschooled in the 4th grade until Freshman year, when I decided I wanted to go try out some classes at the highschool. (Besides, most of my friends were there too, and I wanted to see them again.)

I like being both, it gives me more perspective on life, and gives me both parts of the spectrum, even if it's not going too well for one of them. 

Plus, it's nice to be around my family. I'm kind of nervous to leave them after senior year... especially when my anxieties are on high spike. Eek. 

Being homeschooled also allows me to study deeper, and go at my own pace. For example, potentially I could be a senior because my birthday is in late June, (and most of my close friends are seniors this year,) but I wanted to be a junior because 1-I could go at my own pace, and 2-if I was a senior, I would graduate when I was 17, so I would be a super young senior.. eek. 

Anywho. I hope your first day of highschool went well for you Leafy! :) 

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Thank you, my first day went...sort of well? It was kind of hectic. 


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Oh really? I'm sorry. *hugs*

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I'm homeschooled! I love being able to work at my own pace and being able to have a bit of a say in what kind of things I'm studying, but I get super lonely. I don't have a lot of friends because my town doesn't have a lot of opportunities for homeschoolers to get together and meet each other, and the few homeschool groups there are are pretty much ruined by things that I don't want to start an argument about so I'm not going to say them. I'm a little frustrated that I can't really make friends, but I'm also not sure that I'd do too well in public school. 

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Yeeep you kinda described my life too right there, Fleet. XD

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Never even went to preschool XD.

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I like to joke that I’m a preschool dropout, ‘cause I went to a preschool once or twice when I was really little, and I hated it so my parents let me stop. 

‘I ain’t goin’ back to preschool.’ 

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*waves* I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, except for a couple years when I was six/seven-ish and I went to two private schools for awhile. One of them I sort of hated (I quit after a year) and the other one was tiny and awesome and I had lots of friends and—yeah I have good memories from that place. But anyway, I love being homeschooled. I mean, the schoolwork itself still kinda stinks, but considering my other options. But being able to have more free time and control over what I study is nice, and so is not having to be around looots of people and drama. I’ve become super lonely, though, so I can understand partly why you would want to go to public school, Leafy. Like Fleet, I live in a small town that doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for homeschoolers. I have some awesome friends, but they all live hours away, so yeah, I feel pretty isolated most of the time.

How’s public school been, Leafy? I hope you enjoy it! 




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Public school is...okay. I absolutely LOVE one of my classes, and then my other classes aren't the worst. I'm kind of a germaphobe, so it's been interesting being around a ton of kids where people are probably sick.'s also been interesting meeting people who act a lot differently than homeschoolers that I know. 

Also, I would love to go to a private school or something, especially if there was some sort of artsy school near me but I guess that's not possible just in terms of my family's funds and our...location? Which, sadly, does not really have many schools, especially not arts-focused ones. XP 

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Yay, homeschoolers! I wouldn’t say that I love being homeschooled, but a lot of public schools are unhelpful to the parents, and kids who have learning disabilities. I’m not saying that public school is awful, my mom taught in multiple public schools, before she had any kids. She had a great experience in school, but my dad didn’t so all of my siblings have been homeschooled! 

I wouldn’t say I was lonely, because I know everyone in the homeschool community around my town. We have a great group of family’s and class opportunities, although in sports, we are utterly lacking! There is like only one soccer homeschool thing, which is super tight knit, and pretty boring. So no one really does sports around here lol

But overall, I do like homeschooling as it lets me go at my own pace, such as in math, because I’m a ‘“slow learner” ;) And yeah. Homeschooling is cool.  


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