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Hey guys! I need some help from whoever is willing to help me in whatever way. Here's the explanation--

So, for months (and months and months) and maybe since this spring, or this winter, or something, I've been kind of in a permanent writer's and artist's block thing. Sort of...I just always see people who I think are better at art and writing than me, or who I think just have more ideas, and then I look at my own art and writing and I think it's not good enough, and then I don't do it, and then I never get better. That's part of the problem--but recently, I've been coming to terms more with that and been starting to love myself more. I still have pretty bad jealousy problems and comparing problems, but that's gotten at least a tiny bit better. The main thing here is that...I just don't know what to write. Or draw. Or anything. It's sort of like...I look at some people and it seems like they have so much inspiration and resources and things, and I just...don't.

And I feel like this isn't just me comparing myself to others, I think it's just that I legitimately don't have a lot of resources and ways to find inspiration. I just keep going through my life, thinking that there should be things that I can write about, but whether it's finding topics or finding metaphors or trying to figure out something to write or draw, I don't know how. I do feel like I don't have a lot of inspiration, and I don't know how to find it. I think part of the problem is that my parents don't like me to use the internet much, and so I've never really been able to look online for inspiration or watch art tutorials or watch YouTubers' art or anything. I did get a phone recently, and I don't know if I would be able to talk to my parents about being able to surf the internet more, but yeah, there's that. I also think I just don't have a lot in my life that's inspiring, and then I expect myself to just be able to sit down and write or draw something that's full of creativity or really good (even if I haven't looked at a lot of tutorials or anything) and I can't. And I kind of just expect myself to get better through practice, which I guess is something that can actually do something for you, but a) I just don't know where to start anymore and b) I haven't learned a lot of people-drawing techniques or anything, so I just don't draw stuff very well, and I don't have inspiration for poetry or ANYTHING. So I've kind of drifted away from being able to write or make art, and I know maybe I could just find other hobbies or things to do, and maybe I just need a break from trying to make myself do art or write, but I've just been not doing it for so long anyway and I really do want to get back into it, because I love being able to express myself like that. I just don't know how, and I need help.

So, that is pretty much my problem. So if people could tell me how they find inspiration, what they do to figure out how to do art, recommend anything to me, or just help in any way, that would be great. Thank you very much for reading. <3 



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Well, to start off, Leafy: you are not alone! 

I myself have gone through and still go through art or writing lulls. Whether a month, or two months long, or just a week! Ask anyone and they will tell you, its not easy to just sit down and draw! When I do that, I never come out with anything that I like. Mostly just weird half finished doodles. And that's ok. 

I dont know about you, but living only fourteen years... that doesn't give you a lot to work with. We're still kids, just going through the daily motions of life, which often is pretty drab. So don't feel bad about not having any "important" or "inspiring" things to draw/write about. Give yourself some grace! We can't all be Davnci's! 

But yeah, I totally get what your saying. I don't know about you, but I have never had any art lessons, what-so-ever. And when I compare myself to others (which I often do), that are better than me, it sucks feeling like a trash artist or writer. However!! Almost all of the artists that I look at online, have had lessons. And I have not. Sure, some kids may just be talented and are able to write/ draw really well, but we don't see how many hours they spent working on it. It can be emotionally and physically taxing to make a real piece of art, in any form or shape. 

So Tux, what are you trying to say?

What I am trying to say! Is! That! These things, these special, enjoyable things, do not come easy. It may take a whole year to have a piece of art or literary character that you love and are proud of being the creator. I dont know if your a Christian or not, but I am, and as being one, I can always rely on God, to keep reminding myself that I'm not alone in inspiration, and I can remember I am a daughter of His. Even if you arent religious, just being with uplifting friends can be a good support and inspiration to many works!


Luv u, Leafy!!

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Thank you for that. I love you too. <3

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Leafy dear, I used to compare my stuff to yours and think it was so much better than my own. 

But notice, I said used to. Not because you're any less spectacular, but because I looked at all the amazing things you had and I said, "well, I can be that good too!", and now here I am, about to to NaNoWriMo for the first time and a far better writer than I was before. Inspirational story, no? 

But the truth is, I did nothing more than look at your beautifully written poems and say, "what do I like about them so much?" and I kind of thought about your mysteriously captivating descriptions and funky line breaks and uncapitalized roman numerals and I sat down and started using those things too. I tried different styles. I paced my room and vomited up some poetics and tried to make sense of them. And it took a long time, and it was kinda hard. But I did it. And I adopted a style I like so much better.

So really, just look at something you really love and match it. Because your skills are better than envy, friend, and I know it. Because you're extremely talented.

For your lack of inspiration: there's a company called Piccadilly that makes journals full of writing and poetry promts, and you can buy them at Barnes & Noble.They're pretty awesome!

I hope this is inspirational in some way to you, and I hope things get easier. I miss your poems.<3 


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Aww, thank you. That's all definitely something to think about. And that means a lot to me. <3

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