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Allow me to introduce myself! I am a new Chatterboxer! 
A little about myself:
I enjoy crafts, such as knitting, beading, and book binding. I take Karate, I like biking, I play piano.
I have a large number of siblings. I absolutely love reading and writing, which brings me to another topic! A name! What do you people think about names? How did you choose yours? I was thinking about doing Scrivener, since I like to write, and Scrivener is the name of medievel scribes.
I have got to go, but I would love to meet all of you!

(Possibly) Scrivener 

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Welcome! It's good to see another karate-ka around. :)

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Oh, I used to take Tae-Kwon-Do, and I'm still pretty good. The way I chose my name was 1: It's the name of the Greek goddess of night, Nyx, who I think is really cool, and 2: It's the name I used when I participated in NOOK roleplay, and I decided to keep it in case my friends MrDropek and Al ever somehow ended up on the CB. 

If you're looking for name suggestions, I've always liked ancient culture, so....... 

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About my name: it's the main character in a book I love,

About names in general:

I love making up fantasy-sounding names, and connecting them to Latin and Greek mythology and stuff (we learn Latin at my school so), and I take it decently seriously, and it's SO FUN. I can share some of my favorites if you want.

Welcome to the CB! Hope ya have a good time here! Admins would you link the Ultimate Guide, please? 

Here it is:






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Hello! I chose my name because I thought it sounded pretty, and it was my favorite season and color at the time. I've been taking Tang Soo Do for seven-ish years.  

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Hey there, and welcome to the CB (Chatterbox)! My name's Luna-Starr, because a) the name of my maincharacter in my first novella was named Luna, and b) it of course means 'moon', so it goes with 'Starr', which I put an extra 'r' on just for fun. :) I hope to see you around!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Clovertoe, because my favorite book series has a website, and on the website if you get an account, you cannot type your own name, but you generate it on a generator until you find a name that you like. I generated and generated and generated, and finally found one I liked: Clovertoe. In case you're wondering, the book series is about cats and I made up that I'm called Clovertoe because of my deformed paw with only three funny-looking toes. Anyways...

*Takes deep breath*

Then I checked out Cricket, and my first post was under my real name and SO cringey that I die every time I see it. Seeing as everyone here makes up names, I decided on Clovertoe.

So, a good name idea would be based off your intrests. Also, to meet new people, check out my CBer intro party thread(Admins link here please): (If the Admins didn't link just go to Chirp at Cricket and click on CBer Intro Party!...)

Anyway, nice to meet you! 

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Hello, and welcome! I am Viola?, eccentric artist and fangirl of many webcomics. It's nice to meet you! Viola is one of the names I was considering when I first joined Kyngdom. I added the question mark to indicate that it might change, and it just kind of stuck.

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Hi (Possibly) Scrivener!
Great to meet you!
I chose my name because it is pretty much the perfect expression of my personality;  High energy, fierce, loyal, dramatic.
I hope to see you around! I've only been here for about *counts on fingers* five weeks, so it's nice to meet another person who's new. (I wanted to say Newbie, but people have been complaining about that title, so.) Sounds like you would enjoy Blab about Books and Inkwell. I see someone already linked the Ultimate Guide to Chatterbox...
Anyway, great to meet you!

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Thanks everybody!
I have chosen my name! Unless someone else has already chosen this name, I am going to be going my Calliope, the Muse of epic poetry from greek mythology.
Thank you for all of the suggestions! I hope to see everyone around Chatter Box! (Or CB)

Calliope was my name,

pen and ink my claim to fame,

poetry, writing and all the same,

I hope this poem is not too lame!

Wow, I can be really crazy.


And BTW, I think that ending my posts with a hopefully-not-too-horrible poem may be my new signature move! 



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Sounds cool, my fellow goddess! Or Muse, whatever ya like.

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