CB Confessions, Again

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CB Confessions, Again

CB Confessions, Again

I think a lot of new people have joined ever since I posted my first thread in August of 2018. So here! In case you guys need to confess anything, here's some info~

This is a thread to post confessions (under an alias or not) about things that you wouldn't want people to associate you with. At least, that's how I think of it. And please, for the sake of privacy, unless someone specifically gives you permission, please do not attempt to guess anyone. 

Anyway, it was good for me to get stuff off my chest, and hopefully it will be good for you too. 

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Also, please never make anyone feel bad about posting under an alias in any way. Thank you!

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I. . . kept a secret from all of you. I don't exactly want to share it now, and a lot of you share this secret with me, but I've been to scared to say it out loud, or even on a computer screen. It's not even a big deal anyway, but it scares me to tell you guys. Please don't ask me who I am or what the Secret is. 

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Don't ever be afraid to share any secret, ever, with CB. I think I might know what the secret is, but if you don't want to share, that is TOTALLY fine. Just don't ever be afraid that we will judge you.


Yours Truly,

The Confidant 

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@The Confident, your guess might be right. 

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Um... I guess my secret is whenever something goes wrong I feel like I wanna cry...  especially if its some craft for my parents birthday or something...

I don't care if you guess who i am...

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If we're sharing secrets, I'll share mine... Feel free to guess who I am...!

I have clinical depression.. Did I want to say this? Maybe not, and I might regret it in the near future, but saying it to this thread is kind of helping me to finally talk to someone about it...

I haven't been myself lately in reality, and I don't know if I will actually return to the ‘normal’ me. I've been secretive, and really quiet about this, trying not to make a huge deal out of this, but I'm finally going to tell someone.. No matter how much I'll dislike it...

I haven't really talked about this to anyone, but I guess I'm letting my balloon of emotion go.. It'll still be tied to me, but maybe someday, it'll be untied and there you go..


~ The Dearest Me. 

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I am Silent Shadow Walker. It's not that I don't want anyone to know who I am or that I am ashamed of this, it's just that knowing who I am would kinda ruin the fun, now wouldn't it?

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Um...I guess. If we're sharing secrets, I....

I feel kind of like I wasn't totally meant for my gender. BOOM, there it is. Like, maybe gender fluid, or I think the word is ambigious or andrynous...I can't exactly look these things up on the computer bc my family shares a computer and I don't exactly want them to see....sigh. They probably wouldn't  disown me, just TALK with me about it, and I hate those kind of talks. It makes me nervous, even scared about typing this anywhere, but if I ever was going to say/type/write this anywhere in the world, this would be my first choice. And it is. Some of you..people who are good at connecting dots....can probably guess who I am. Um, if you want to ask me you can, but don't count on an answer...at least not anytime soon. Before I finish, sorry if there's any spelling errors. My hands are kinda shaky. Thanks for being amazing, CB. Embarassed.... Smile

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If you have questions you aren't comfortable asking your family, pretty much all web browsers have an incognito or private tab option.  For my own two cents I think taking it slowly and carefully, like you are, is the wisest option.

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You also might be able to delete your browsing history from a normal window.

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*slides in* Hey, it's the person whose three AEs are all nonbinary! I have seen these words before, so I'll do my best to explain them.

Ambiguous is a common adjective; you can look that up or ask your parents. Androgynous means being both masculine and feminine (meaning boyish and girlish), or otherwise ambiguous in terms of gender, and is usually used when describing someone's appearance.

Those are the words you mentioned.

You said you feel like you weren't meant for your gender. You can say you're questioning your gender. 

You might already know about pronouns. Pronouns are words involving gender which you can use to talk about people. She, her, hers, he, him, his, they, them, and theirs are all pronouns. It and its are not pronouns, because it and its are never used to talk about people. Using it and its to talk about someone makes it sound like you don't think they're human, which isn't very polite. I mention it because some people don't know that, and other people (or I guess even sometimes the same people) are not very polite. Anyway, people usually use she/her/hers pronouns to talk about girls and he/him/his pronouns to talk about boys. They/them/theirs pronouns are a little funny because those are not attached to any gender and are sometimes used to talk about multiple people. Some people even say it's incorrect to use they, them or theirs to talk about one person. I've heard that historical evidence contradicts this. I've also heard that they, them and theirs can be used to talk about one person if you don't know the person's gender, or if the person is just okay with you doing that. I have been using they/them/theirs pronouns to talk about people of non-specific gender this whole time. (Did you notice?) There are also made-up pronouns, for people who like those. My pronouns, the ones I like people to use when they talk about me, are she, her and hers. I don't know what yours are. If you want, you can tell me. If you don't tell me, then I'll use they/them/theirs pronouns, because it's not easy to avoid using pronouns at all. And of course, you can change your mind about what pronouns you like people to use to talk about you just as often as you can change your mind. 

There are a lot of genders people can mean when they say "nonbinary". I'll just talk about my AEs. There are three of them.

First, Nymph. Nymph is a shapeshifter. Her shape changes. She can turn into just about anything at any time. Nymph is also gender-fluid. Her gender changes. It can be any gender at any time. She does not always decide what shape she turns into. She just feels like it, and her shape changes to match. She does not ever decide what gender she is. She just feels like it, and that's how she identifies. She always uses she/her/hers pronouns, though, because if she were to change her pronouns every time her gender changed, she'd have to correct people all the time, and that would annoy her.

Second, Sea Glass. Sea Glass identifies as aporagender. The word aporagender means "separate gender". Sea Glass feels like xe has a gender, and that gender stays the same, but it's not male or female. As you may have noticed, xe has unusual pronouns: xe, xyr and xyrs. So, xe instead of he or she, xyr instead of him or her, and xyrs instead of his or hers. But you don't have to be aporagender to use xe/xyr/xyrs pronouns. Sea Glass just uses those because xe likes them.

Third, Sunflower. Sunflower uses they/them/theirs pronouns, and is agender, which is not the same as "a gender". The "a" at the beginning of "agender" works the same way as the "non" at the beginning of "nonbinary". (That "a" shows up in other words, too, like amoral and atypical.) Sunflower being agender means that gender kind of doesn't apply to them. They don't feel like they have any gender at all. 

None of my AEs are male. None of them are female. All of them are nonbinary. (To add one more complication, people can be nonbinary and just end it at that. They are nonbinary, that is their gender, they use whatever pronouns they use. I know more than one person who identifies as nonbinary.)

I hope this was helpful!

Mexi/Aymie says waxnu. I don't know what that mea--wait, wax new? Like the moon?  

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Hey, this is a lot shorter than I remember. I talked about way more than just pronouns and AEs... what happened to it all? I thought it was perfectly appropriate. 

We posted a very long comment from you on this thread, Viola?. Admins may edit comments to keep them within established Chatterbox guidelines. 


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