Oh!!!So, my

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Oh!!!So, my


So, my CBversary was, like, January 8 or something, but I totally forgot about it Laughing

Soooo here I am now? Celebrating it? I guess...

I'm really glad I joined the CB. It's been so fun making new friends and writing and getting new ideas and, well, this might sound kind of weird... but it's like my whole life I've been hanging out with people similar to me, who believe about the same way I do, and reading posts from people who live differently and believe drastically different things has been.... cool. And inspiring, and interesting, and enlightening.

So, (wow so many so's!!!!), yeah, I'm REALLY glad I joined. Annnnnnd hopefully I'll be around for a while still, as well!....

:D :D :D Peace out,

-cerinthe (or spiffycat, or whatever you want to call me) 

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Happy CBversary, friend!!!! Confetti!!! *throws confetti*

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HAPPY CBVERSARY CERINTHE! Congrats on being 1 CB years old! (right?) It's been wonderful reading your posts and having you around.

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