Ask My OCs!!

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Ask My OCs!!

Ask My OCs!!

I was going to do this on 'Inkwell' but it isn't exactly a story...

I also thought about doing it on 'Chirp at Cricket' but it didn't seem to fit in.

So here we go! Hello 'Down to Earth' civilians!!

It's simple, just ask my OCs anything! I guess you can ask me things too if you want to. (◕ᴗ◕✿) 


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(August 1, 2020 - 7:43 am)


Alex Imeall! Guess who found a CD of your elementary school play!?

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(August 1, 2020 - 2:49 pm)
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- Alexander Imeall

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(August 2, 2020 - 6:26 pm)

@Alexander Rìoghochad, Does Sojo and Lada hang around you more than the others? In dear letter receiver they're your cats, correct?

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(August 4, 2020 - 6:56 am)

Y-yes, they came with me to the 'Dear Letter Reciever' RP...

Sojo doesn't exactly hang out with me... He likes louder OCs like Ivan the Russian Emu and Masquerade...

I sort of follow Lada around most of the time... She's really nice, and knows the quietest spots in the mansion! She also has the best stories! 

- Alexander Rìoghochad

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To any of them: do you derive joy from grinding almonds to a paste?

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(August 4, 2020 - 5:59 pm)

Zach Rìoghochad: Uhm... You okay there Feline Fantasy?

Lukas Imeall: Hm.... It matters on my mood.

Alexander Imeall: YES! I pretend like the almonds are Christopher!

Christopher: Why do you hate me?

Alexamder Imeall: You know your sins.

Sonia of Staibadour: Yes, I pretend the almonds are my enemies that I grind into a fine paste to spread on my toast and eat.

Everyone: ... 

Sonia of Staibadour: Uh... I mean it's satisfying because it's squishy!

Masquerade, stage whispering: Nice save! :D


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(August 5, 2020 - 9:37 am)

I . . . I'm okay. It's nice when the paste gets so smooth. This made me laugh in my head so much.

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(August 5, 2020 - 4:04 pm)

hey Zander and zaida! What's the best and worst thing about being twins?

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(August 6, 2020 - 6:27 am)

Zander: The best thing? 'I remember when I was your age' jokes.

Zaida: The worst thing? Yet again, 'I remember when I was your age' jokes. 

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(August 6, 2020 - 12:53 pm)

@Alex R. (sorry I don't know how to spell his last name),

*crawls through vent and whispers* hiiiiiiii. Alexxx. I love youuuuu. *slowly crawls back through vent*

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(August 7, 2020 - 7:23 am)

Alexander Rìoghochad: *trauma intensifies* 

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(August 7, 2020 - 4:09 pm)

To any of them:

Do you torture each other by making them laugh and run out of breath???

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(August 7, 2020 - 1:36 pm)

Alexander Imeall, Alexander Rìoghochad, and Zaida: My older brother always does.

Alexander Imeall, Alexander Rìoghochad, and Zaida: *glares at eachother*

Alexander Imeall: Lukas doesn't do it that much, but when he does give you a tickle attack, he shows no mercy.

Alexander Rìoghochad: Every. Single. Day. Zach sneaks up on me, decides I look unhappy, and then tickles me until I pass out.

Zach Rìoghochad, in the distance: That's a lie!

Alexander Rìoghochad: *glares*

Zach Rìoghochad, in the distance: Sometimes I don't sneak up on you, I charge at full speed. 

Zaida: Zander's the oldest out of nineteen siblings! Of course he attacks us with the plague known as tickles!


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(August 7, 2020 - 4:08 pm)

hey, I really like your characters! would you mind if I asked some people to draw them?

also, do the cats shed a lot? and can you write something about ivan's and zander's family meeting? 

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(August 9, 2020 - 6:11 am)