Re-making my AEs?

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Re-making my AEs?

Re-making my AEs? Kind of? I don't really know what people call this, but basically, I'm making my AEs more..true(?) i guess, if that makes sense. But, anyway, here it is!:

Name: Adelaide Gray-Keighn(pronounced kane), goes be Addie or Adelaide (previously Adelaide)

Approximate age: 12

Gender/pronouns: Female, her/hers/she

Appearance: Tan skin, crystal blue and grey eyes, freckles and pink cheeks. Long, straight, golden hair falling to Addie's waist, the roots a medium-brown color. She's short and skinny, and slightly muscular. She's wearing black leggings, a lilac slightly cropped t-shirt with a jean-jacket and flip-flops. She wears feather earings and light pink lip-gloss.

Personality: Quiet, judgemental, isn't social, and watches from afar judging everyone. She's super smart but hates talking to people. She's extremely introverted and loves reading and being alone. She knows she's better that everyone, and she's pretty selfish. She can be rude at times and gets dissapointed when she doesn't do well.

Talks in: Italics

Shipping: She doesn't really need someone to be happy, but if she were to date she would perfer girls

Other: She's Phoenix's half-sister


Name: Grace Jenna, goes by grace (previously Grace)

Approximate age: 9-10

Gender/pronouns: Female, Her/hers/she

Appearance: Olive skin, freckles, bright cheeks, and lilac-purple and silver eyes. Her hair is a very dark brown and is braided down into 2 poofy buns. She's fairly tall and skinny with wide hips. She's wearing a large t-shirt as a dress with short combat booties. She has glasses with a clear rim and a sweet smile. She has a nose peircing and 3 ear piercings, two at the bottom of her earlobe and one at the tip of her ear.

Personality: Akward, Kind, social, and giving. She Loves helping people, but is very akward at the same time. She's an ambivert and is easy to talk to and she's generally friendly, but is very akward around adults and new kids/people. She's semi-self conscience.

Talks in: (parentheses)

Shipping: Yes!! With men, perferably

Other: No..I don't think so!


Name: Phoenix Gray, goes by Nix or Gray, sometimes Phoenix (previously Ethan)

Approximate age: 16-17

Gender/pronouns: Male, him/his/he 

Appearance: Tall, Pale, long, wavy blond hair with brown roots and blue streaks. His eyes are a bold turqouise. He almost always wears black, with a leather jacket and jeans, usually wearing brands as well. He has ear piercings, nose and lip piercings. He has a tatoo of a cross/sword thing on his wrist and a rose with a winding ste and thorns on his cheek/face/side of his face.

Personality: Dark, moody, edgy and deep. He doesn't always like socializes and is an ambivert, and is usually angry. he can be rude at times. He likes poetry and is the part of me that my friends say "Oh my gosh Spellbound, that's dark" Or "wow that's deep" to. (No joke, my friends sometimes say this, lol :)) He is usually annoyed and witty and sarcatsic. He likes making comebacks and thinks to himself. He's very reserved.

Talks in: Bold italics

Shipping: Nope, he's good!

Other: He's Adelaide's half-brother


Name: Arya Summers, Goes by Ari or Arya (Previously Harper)

Approximate age: 13 

Gender/pronouns: Female, her/hers/she

Appearance: Dark skin, pale green eyes, short straight black hair. She has on light wased jeans and a cropped light pink shirt with black stripes in the middle of it. She's wearing black booties and hoop earings.

Personality: Loud, annoying, and quite obnoxious. She can be oblivious and talks a lot. She likes to talk to people and making friends. She's an extovert and isn't very hesitate to talk. She interruptes people a lot and likes to get her point across. She likes having friends and is dramatic and over-exaggerates. 

Talks in: Bold

Shipping: Yes! With any gender, she's open!

Other: Nope!

Okay, Thanks guys! Bye!! 


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