Honeybee House: Christmas

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Honeybee House: Christmas

Honeybee House: Christmastime

Well, I was bored one day and decided to write about what's going on in Honeybee House! Basically, what my AEs are up to all the time. In this fancy first edition, it's Christmastime! I'll update this every now and then.

"I'm going Christmas shopping!" Honeybee called from the front door of Honeybee House.

"CAN I COMEEEEE!?" Mabel asked.

"Of course not!" Honeybee sighed. "The whole point is I'm getting presents for you. Surprises."

"I WANNA COME!" Mabel pouted.

"Come on, Mabel, we'll have fun!" Giselle said, coming into the front hall.

"TANKS?" Mabel asked. Giselle exchanged a concerned glance with Honeybee. 

"Okay, I'm leaving, please be good," Honeybee sighed. Giselle grabbed Mabel, who tried and failed to scratch Giselle's eyes out. Honeybee closed the door firmly behind her as she left.

In the living room, Olive and Lulu were sitting on the couch. Lulu was drawing, and Olive was listening to music.

"Hey Lizards, I have an idea!" Giselle said. "We should surprise Honey with Christmas cookies!"

"Sure, you can go buy them from the store," Olive said, replacing her headphones after the interruption.

"The WHOLE POINT is we bake them, Olive," Giselle said, a little annoyed. "Now come on! It's time for family bonding time!"

"Ew," Olive said.

">Cookies! I'll help :)<" Lulu said, helpfully.

"NoOoOoO," Mabel moaned. She hid under the couch.

"Get out from under there," Giselle said. "We're making cookies."

When the whole group was assembled in the kitchen, Giselle assigned them jobs. It was Olive's job to measure the ingredients. Mabel was to find the ingredients. Lulu got to mix, and Giselle did whatever she wanted and directed the whole operation.

"that is NOT fairrr," Mabel whined.

Mabel passed Olive a bag of sugar, and Olive grumpily tried to pour it into a measuring cup. But when she did, the bag exploded and rainbow-colored sugar flew all over the kitchen.

"I AM COVERED IN RAINBOW SUGAR!!!" Giselle shrieked.

"Me too!" Olive snarled, glaring at Mabel. She did not like to wear any color besides black.

Mabel was rolling in the sugar, cackling.

">The sugar can make the cookies colorful!<" Lulu suggested. They were the most calm of the group.

They scooped up the sugar and added it to the bowl of dry ingredients.

"Where's the flour, Mabel?" Giselle suddenly asked. There was no flour in the whole kitchen.

"I HID IT!" Mabel fell off the counter laughing. "IN MCDONALD'S."

"You've never even been to McDonald's!" Giselle exploded, chasing after Mabel. 

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