AE Retirement

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AE Retirement

AE Retirement

I've been thinking about this for a while, and this flood of people retiring and remaking their AEs is finally giving me the final push. I know Abcde really well, she's almost like a sister to me. And Liddy, after only a few weeks, I also think I know. But, although Grace and Rayne have been my AEs for months now, I don't know them much better now than when I posted their charrie sheets on an AE ball. I love them, but I don't think they're right for me as my Alter Egos. Whenever I post something for them, it's work to figure out how they would react and... sorry for the rant, this is kind of pointless. I'll hand this over to the people who are actually leaving. If we evere do an AE reunion, they'll be sure to join in.

I'll miss you, Blaine. You're sweet and awesome, and you appriciate Ms. Brontë in a way that no one else ever has. coughcoughAbcdecoughcoughcough. I promise you that I will remain forever loyal, but you may consider yourself free for shipping if you want. And I want you to do that I do like you. A lot.

I, however, am shipped with no one, and have only friends to bid farewell. Bye, Prince and Bean and Sunflower and Penny and everyone! You lizards are all awesome and I'll miss you all. I had so much fun, and I hope that there will be a reunion sometime so I can see you again.

There may be new AEs coming, but I want to get to know them before I introduce them here, so it could be a little while. Maybe at the next party, not the holiday one, but later.

Farewell, CB!


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Aw...I'll miss you, Grace! It was fun talking to you at the AE ball. :( Goodbye...

Thanks for the cookies!


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I'll miss you three, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies. *whispers* Just so you know, I'll be sending baskets of cookies to Abcde and the new AEs when they come, so you can come over to the house whenever and take a few. Do you have a favorite kind? I can try to work them into the goody basket.

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Oh, um, look, other AEs are leaving, too. 

^Well, no duh, this is an AE RETIREMENT THREAD, you doof^

<Dallas, be nice.>

^Shut up, Evan^

*takes computer back* Well, I didn't know either of you that well, but you were the first AEs I met and I've got to say, your presence will be missed. Thanks for being there when I was new and I'm sorry I didn't know you better. 

^Whatever, bye.^

<*sighs* Dallas... you know what, never mind. Bye lizards!> 

|| cgfet ||

Evan, let the CAPTCHA out, he's choking. 


|| byeby! ||

Bye, Rayne and Grace. Rayne, you were the inspiration to create Adrian, so thank you for being who you are. Grace, you were just an amazing AE and I'm glad I got to meet you. Good luck with your retirement! 

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Aww, thanks! I didn't know I was the inspiration for Adrian! You're welcome, I guess. But Grace and I might pop into the chat with Morning and Nerd, so this might not be goodbye for you all.

We'd better! I can't imagine how boring retirement will be. It makes me feel old. Thank you for calling me amazing. 

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Oh Grace, I'll miss you dearly! <3 You were so sweet to me when I first joined the CB. I hope you'll visit every once and a while. <3 <3


<3 Prince 

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(December 3, 2020 - 10:21 pm)

I know none of us know you two well, but we'll miss you two terribly. The other AEs are not currently available, but they wanted me to say 'farewell' for them.

But hey, since you guys are retired now, you can go on an adventure or something. Travel the world, become astronauts exploring outer space, see if you can make it big in NYC...

Or you can just settle down somewhere.

Er- yeah! If you're not interested in those things. Ivan, Caleb, got anything to add?

*sniff* G-Goodbye comrades...! Here, have th-this parting tank... *sniff* U-Use it w-wisely.

I've never seen an emu cry before-

*elbows Sojokeenis* 

:( *tugs Rayne's hand* H-here... I w-wanted you to have Mr. Plushy... and give Floofy to Grace... They're two of my favorite stuffed animals... F-Floofy is a fluffy dog that accidently burned her owners house to the ground in the middle of the night... *sniff* ...A-and Mr. Plushy is a dapper bear who once owned a large company until the stock market crashed... Now he's as broke as Sojo's relationship with his father. ):


:( *Gives them the stuffed animals and hugs 'em* St-stay safe... Look out for the Monsters. ):


I hate s-saying 'goodbye'... *sniff* What about a simple;


Until We Meet Again,

Lada, Sojokeeynis, Ivan the Russian Emu, and :( Caleb Morse ):

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Merci beaucoup, AEs of Sammy! I'll miss you all, too. Thank you so much for giving me Floofy. Her backstory is truly... interesting.

Yes. I will do my best to take care of Mr. Plushy. Perhaps help him with his financial problems. Thank you all for your kind farewell.

And, in your words,

Until we meet again.

Grace and Rayne 

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(December 4, 2020 - 1:59 pm)

Thank you, Prince! I'm so glad I got to meet you, and if I ever visit, I'll make sure to say hi to you! <3

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(December 4, 2020 - 1:55 pm)

Ahh- I'll miss you guys!! Y'all were so great,, *sniffles* annnd handing it over-

R-Rayne and Gr-Grace? Uhm.. I didnt r-really k-know y-you... b-but g-goodbye... 

I am dearly sorry I never got to meet you two. Farewell, Rayne and Grace!

Stop being so stiff, Firefly.
Bye guys! I really wanted to meet you but nooo- Dream had to keep us inside all the time!

abcde? arrre yyouu leavn ttooo? 

No, she's not.

ggood! byyee Mrnin AEsss thatt iidoo nnott knoww thhee names oooof 

*sighs* *calls Pine*

Grace? Rayne? Aww, bye guys! Come visit us! (Pine)

Dang, so many people are leaving- (Felix)

=BYYEE= =GUYYS= =*runs around screaming*= (Tomru)

>SCREE< >SCREE!< (Scree) 

I knew we shouldnt've given them those cookies-

=*bangs into wall*= 

*hangs up* 

Okay, bye from all my past and present AEs and CAPTCHAs! 

-dreamiing (and the gang) 


Oh my gosh-

Tea just said gdbuy



ohhhh heck this is weird-  

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Goodbye, farewell, and au revoir! I wish I could have gotten to know you all better too. But cookies are always the right choice.

Bye! We'll come visit you, Felix and Pine. Old retired people should stick together.

(No way, really? That's incredible and also super weird and scary. Tea can read the thread.) 

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(December 5, 2020 - 4:16 pm)

You guys seemed super cool, have fun with retirement!

We'll miss you, it was lovely to know you!

Aw, goodbye Grace! You're such an awesome friend, and I'm glad we got a chance to hang out. I hope I see you again someday!

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Thank you! G'bye! (:

It was lovely to know you, too! I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you lizards. <3 

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(December 5, 2020 - 4:18 pm)

Oh, goodbye Rayne and Grace!

Goodbye! I never really got to know you two, but still, goodbye!

Okay, 'bye, I guess...

Oh, goodbye...where's my pizza!

-G'dbye, whelp, I'ma go fly now.-


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