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Winter BallD

Winter Ball

Dear fellow AE's, 

This is an invitation to the one and only Winter Ball!! this ball is one to where AE's and CAPTCHA's can attend. all you have to do is fill out a form provided below and your in!! this event will happen on Feb 10th or 11th, at the Ball Hall that we rented for this event. Anyway, here is the form::








See you there!! 



Rayla, Crystal, Blaze, & Melody


Finally were done with al that fancy writing!!


stop complaining, it was just an invitation. 


-I got the Brownies and Pizza!!-


Rayla, the partys in five days. thats going to go bad by the time the pary rolls around.


-who cares, now were gonna have a delitous dinner!!!-




-wait what? oh sorry lol.- 



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This might be nice.

Uggggggggggggghhhhhh it seems like one of theose fancy balls...

Let's go. You never know. long as things don't get too crazy.

Name: Jade

CBer: Moondrop

Outfit: A grey cardigan with a long green skirt, a headband on my head with my hair in a bun. Silver slip-ons.

Shipping/date: Closed, I'm too young.

Other: I may or may not be sneaking a water pistol in my cardigan.


Name: Castalia

CBer: Moondrop

Outfit: A blue dress that goes up to my neck, pearl earrings, bracelet, hairclip, and necklace. My hair is down.

Shipping/date: Open to boys my age.

Other: N/A


Name: Kaden

CBer: Moondrop

Outfit: A suit...

You own a suit???

Yeah, why?

*shrug* I dunno, just kind of surprising. 

Shipping/date: Closed, I'm shipped with Alice (Dusk's AE), but I don't know if she's coming. If she is, she's my date.

Other: Introvert, so I'm pretty shy and quiet.


Done! Great! I can't wait! That rhymed! 


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hey guys! a party invitation from Rayla, Crystal, Blaze, and the other Melody!

Name: amon

CBer: moon kitsune

Outfit: gold and diamond suit.

Shipping/date: meh.

Other: bringing a basket of puppies because why not?

im coming too. 

Name: sun kitsune

CBer: moon kitsune

Outfit: bright pink tuxedo

Shipping/date: HAHAHAHAHA- no.

Other: bringing a net, monopoly, and fishing rods because...

*smiles menacingly*


c - can i come?

meh. i suppose.


Name: melody.

CBer: moon kitsune

Outfit: just a blue dress.

Shipping/date: nope, happily shipped with emerald. i think. maybe i should ask her? i mean, we danced together at the party at pangolins house and-

we dont have time!


             we dont have time! 

Other: genderfluid, switches between female and non binary.


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