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Hey everyone! If you don't know me, my name is Artimerrx and I am a old CBer here from around 2018/2019 ish, (correct me if im wrong, im bad with dates haha). Valentines day was always a special day here at CB when I was around, but I dont know if its still the same now today. But the tradition was that old CBers would come back to CB for a couple of days during Valentines day, so I might as well get a head start, right? :))))

So, I know what youre thinking... "Who is this person???" well, let me tell you about myself! Im Artimerrx, I am a teenager, I go by she/her pronouns, and my favorite color is red! Now, if you are familiar with me somehow, you might be wondering... do I still have my AEs? And yes, yes I do. Sebastian and Jericho are here! Yay...  

"Huh? Whats with the 'yay...'?! Are you not excited for us, Arti?" Sebastian says with a slight sob in his voice, before going into a dramatic pose. "Do you not... like us anymore?!" 

Jericho sighs and says, "Oh no. How could she..." in a monotone, sarcastic voice, as his hand goes through his hair. 

"Don't be disrespectful to your own older brother, Jerri!" Sebastian says and pushes Jericho playfully. 

"You are... very, very tiresome." 

Uh- Alright! So, obviously, they are both doing very well! Thats about it, if you'd like to introduce yourself or AEs to us, feel free to! I'll probably be active for a few days or a week.  Lets have some fun with a little reunion! 



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I'm new here! Glad to meet 'cha!

Also, maybe you can help me figure out what CAPTCHA means!!! haha 

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CAPTCHA is a term for the tests that websites will make you take to ensure that youre not a robot. It will have four or five squiggly letters that any person who speaks english could identify, but not a robot. For example, the ones on the bottom of the screen when you submit a comment on Chatterbox is a CAPTCHA. 

Now, in CB terms, however, a CAPTCHA exists in the same realm as like, AEs and such, except CAPTCHAs are treated more so as pets or sidekicks than characters. There aren't really rules to making a CAPTCHA other than that it has to speak each letter with four words instead of its regular amount, but even then theres always ways to avoid that. Hope this helped!  

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Thanks so much! Here's some pie *hands you a home-made apple pie*

Well, I geuss I'll make a CAPTCHA now... Aria, a baby lioness, i sappose!

She says "amzn" What's amazing? You? Yes, I geuss you are.


Yes, seriussly. 

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More about CAPTCHAs:

This is a solo write that I found recently that tells a story about CAPTCHAs. It doesn't exactly tell you a lot about them, but it's really cool. 

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Gee, thanks, everyone! Oh, Aria want's to say somethin'...


hmmm... b-pox? A rare type of chicken pox? sounds right to me but... I've gone CrAzY...

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Hi, Artimerrx! I'm Wreeboo, a relatively new CBer. I joined in October. I have two AEs, Rory and Kaikki.

Hi, Artimerrx, Sebastian, and Jericho!


Rory? Say hi.


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Greetings, Wreeboo! I'm always happy to see new faces and people here on CB, is really is an amazing experience. Also, Kaikki is such a cool name! What inspired you to come up with it?


"Kaikki... it reminds me of Khaki, the color. Such a warm and vibrant natural tone with a golden orange tint..." Jericho looks up at the sky as he continiously describes the color brown as pretentiously as possible.

"Or like khaki pants." Sebastian innterupts. "...Am I right or am I right, folks?"  

"-And now you've ruined it. Good job." 



...Yikes. Sorry about them. Glad to know that theres still plenty of AEs in CB!  

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In Finnish, "all-knowing" is "kaikkitietava," and Kaikki is a play on that. her last name is Taivas, which means sky. I'm glad you like it!

I think I like you, Sebastian. 

And you should be glad, she likes pretty much no one.

Shhhush, Kaikki....

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Wow, I didn't know that! Thats actually really cool. I usually make up personalities for common names based on people I knew before, but the meaning of the name is also a really good way to interpret a personality.  

While his CBer talks about something entirely irrelevant to him, Sebastian is shell-shocked that he was chosen to be liked. "Oh. My. Gosh. You must have great taste then, because I also like me... haha..." 

Jericho looks away in embarrassment. "Oh, I couldn't tell..." He mumbles to himself. "Kaikki, you seem relatively sane. How are you?" 


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Artmerrx!!! Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to meet you! You might not remember me- but I used to be DoodleGirl, and I always thought you and your AEs and your art were so cool! I also thought you were a boy for some reason, oops. I think we still do Valentine's Day, but I completely forgot about it until now, and I'm considerably more excited about it now :) Anyway, nice to meet you!

Oh, hello there...I'm Flora, uhmm hi? 

Hi people. How many more greetings will I have to do??

Welcooome! *confetti*

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Wait. I do remember you! Oh wow, seeing 'DoodleGirl' does take me back. Wow, its been a while, hasn't it. Im really glad to know that you're active on here, Azalea! Thank you for thinking my art was good, that really means a lot to me. I still draw but not as freqently as before, but I do still do art of my AEs, and I did maybe perhaps slightly design a little snazzy Valentines Day outfit for Jericho... and I may or may not attach it to this comment...  


"Of course JERICHO gets to get a Valentine's Day outfit before me, your ORIGINAL AE, gets it. This is so unfair! I WILL call my lawyer." Sebastian speaks through giggles, before a serious expression falls onto his face. "-But you will --make me one, right?" 

"You... have a lawyer? How?" Jericho ponders. "--Nevermind. Hey, Flora. Welcome to the thread. Is it on purpose that both you and your CBer have flower-related names?" He says, as a smile forms from his normal cold expression. 


sidenote, I do not like this drawing because I've been looking at it for so long, which STINKS! I have found so many things wrong with it and I already want to redraw it, even though I made it today! Its probably because I've been doing more realistic drawing now a days so it was a little weird drawing in this style.  

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Yay, hello again!

Yes, it is on purpose! Well, I suppose Azalea can tell the whole story of how that happened...

Flora came first and was *ahem* based off this doll I have (I was very attached to my dolls as a kid, they had real personalities and everything, so now that I'm older I just make them into characters lol) who I named flora for her flowered dress, and when I learned the phrase "flora and fauna" (plants and animals) it was perfect! Eclipse (that's me) is the odd one out.

Welp, that's right.

Do we get Valentine's outfits?!

Uh, sure. Fauna. That drawing is awesome, Artimerrx! I defintely get that feeling when I look at my art too. 

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Wait, I thought I was the only one who gave my toys personalities! As a kid I had a huge collection of Beanie Boos and I would have them get married and have fights and friendship and betrayal and all of those things a small child does with their Beanie Boos. Thats actually really cool that you kept those characters with you! 

"Okay, but AE Valentines Day outfits should become a thing. Im already brainstorming the correct fabric to use for a proper blouse..." Sebastian looks like he's been waiting to talk about this for years. 

"But we all know who the real fashionable one here is..." Jericho looks down at his outfit and fixes the creasing on his collar, before looking back up. "...its me."

"No it is not! Just wait until you see the heart patterns on my jeans, they're beautiful, and one-thousand percent better than yours!" Sebastian crosses his arms at Jericho, who rolls his eyes. 

"Well, how about Azalea's AE's decide? They're the ones who have to witness this." Jericho sasys snarkily, before looking back at Eclipse, Fauna, and Flora. "So, who is it?"


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Oh my, are you sure it has to be me? *fidgets nervously*

HmMmMmM I do like heart-patterned jeans...

Is this necassary? Do physical appearances indicate anything, or-

Well, you DO seem to like those pinstriped shirts.

True...proper dress is very important in some situations, although of COURSE I don't care what measly other AEs think of me.

Someone's cocky today.

I'm just commenting. I personally think Jericho has superior style, though.

Couldn't you have just said that way back? Well, I'm not gonna choose. Sorry...

Okay, those jeans got me, Sebastion. But what we should really be thinking about is our own stuff. Is there gonna be a Valentines Day ball? *runs off to find fabric*

Well, that was...something.

Bye for now I guess! 

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Hey Artimerrx!! It's so great to see you again! I've been looking forward to Valentine's Day, and it's so great to see people coming back already. How are you?

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