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Hey, you lizards! So. As the title says;

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'M 12!!!! I'M A CARTON OF EGGS!!! (Cuz eggs come in 12s? Anyway-)

AH I'm so excited! *smashes a cake in your face* That was probably a waste of food! So here, have some still-warm lemon meltaways. *hands you some cookies* (I actually baked those yesterday!)

A song that is my birthday song? There's A Cat Licking Your Birthday Cake by Perry Grip :) It's amazingly dorky. Like me! So yeah.

Uhhhh IDK what else to say soooo....

Why not a Q&A? I've been wanting to do one of those :D

*enter witty sign off-slogen here* 

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Im 12 too! And also I love that song!!! I've sang it for years on other peoples birthdays and my own, haha!

my question is- if you had to change your CB name, and it had to start with a B, what would it be?

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Yay, another lover of weird songs! And a fellow egg carton :D

That's a really hard question... hmmm...

Maybe Bryn, because she was my first (and so far only) D&D character. And the name just sounds cool.

Also, TOP! 

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Happy Birthday Writing! *throws cupcakes everywhere* Uh-m where did that come from...

What are some of your hobbies, besides writing or typical CB stuff? 

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*picks up a cupcake from the floor* *dusts it off* *gives it to Aria*

"nomno" "mnomm" "thank" "yooou"

May favorite hobbies? Hoo, boy, there are A LOT. Uh. I like drawing and reading, been doing those stchuffs a lot :) 

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Happy birthday Writing!! *activates the confetti cannon* I totally forgot you were 11 for most of your time on the CB, you act a lot older than that!

Question: what's your favorite kind of cookie?? 

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*activates confetti canon* Sorry, did you want to do that? *rolls out 12 confetti canons* Here, use these.

Thank you for saying I act(ed?) older than 11! I honestly felt I was being immature half the time lol

I really like lemon meltaway cookies, but I do love the good ol' chocolate chip! HERE *tosses cookies in the air* COOKIES FOR EVERYONEEEEEEE

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Happy birthdaaaaaaay! 12 is the best're still free of teenagehood but you're also mAtUrE ;) Question (My questions are always about writing, books, or both lol): What is the most recent book you read and did you like it?

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Yeess, not a teenager but still considered by the smart people "MaTuRe EnOuGh To Be CoOl, DoN't YoU aGrEe, ChArLeS?!?!?!" 

I just finished (I mean, less than 30 minutes ago) finished Beetle and The Hollowbones by Aliza Layne! It was AMAZING EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT :D

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(August 18, 2021 - 9:38 pm)

Heyy Happy birthday Writing! Hope you had a good party!

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(August 19, 2021 - 5:01 pm)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

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Happy late birthday!

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Ah, thank you

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Happy birthday, Writing_in_the_Dark! I hope 12 is the best year of your life thus far! 

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Thank you! :D I believe it will be!

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I'm very late, but happy birthday! I hope it was amazing and you eat lots or good food and gots some good presents! For the Q&A, what is your favorite article of clothing you own?

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