Holiday Traditions!

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Holiday Traditions!

Holiday Traditions!

Share your holiday traditions! Here's some of ours:

We only start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, and we have a particular order we play songs/CDs in. First, A Christmas Festival. Then, John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together. Then one of the Carpenters' Christmas CDs. It's fun.

Each year, we get a book called The Thirteen Days of Christmas (it's hilarious) and read it, one chapter per day (for instance, the chapter about Christmas we read on Christmas day).

On Christmas Eve we listen to certain songs: Sleep Well Little Children, A Christmas Wish, One More Sleep Til' Christmas...You get the theme, right?

Then on Christmas Morning, we open the stockings before breakfast. Then for breakfast we always have cream-of-mushroom soup. (And it's practically a tradition for Dad to take nearly an hour to eat it.) Then we open the presents under the tree. 

Back when we lived on Oahu, we always used to have Christmas in the morning at our house, and then we'd pack ourselves into the car and drive over to Grandpa's house, where we'd have, basically, a second Christmas. We'd eat a big dinner and I'd run off with my cousins to play in all the awesome rooms. I'd climb up the stairs that led to the roof--although I never got the courage to actually go to the top. It was fun. I miss it. *wistful sigh*

Not that I don't love Christmas where we are now. If the river by our house runs, we swim in the big pool by the bridge. We spend the day together, just talking and having great fun.

Please share your traditions too! 

--Shining Star 


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We celebrate Advent, which is basically getting ready for Christmas to come. So you have this wreath with 3 purple candles, 1 pink candle, and 1 white candle in the middle. They all represent something different, and you light one every Sunday of Advent (there are four) and the white candle gets lit on Christmas Day.

My brother and sister celebrate with us every other year, but they are with their mother this year :( But my Grandma just moved into an assisted living home near us so this will be my first time celebrating Christmas with her! 

I LOVE Christmas music so much, so so much. Some of my favorite songs are a mix of religious and radio, but they include Grown-Up Christmas List, What Child is This, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Angles We Have Heard on High, Joy to the World, Last Christmas...etc.

We make gingerbread houses and play in the snow and cry and laugh and sing. It's great. 


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My mom does these advent stockings we bought when I was like, three, and she puts little stickers in the pockets each day, it's fun. Then on christmas morning we open all the gifts, we eat french toast made by my mom, then we hang out and watch a christmas story, which we watch evry single year on christmas.

But on christmas eve (which we couldn't have last year but we can this year bc were all vaccinated YAY!) we have xmas with the family (cousins & stuff) and then when everybody leaves all four of my family members open our gifts from each other. It's fun :3

@admins, do you have any traditions?

Yes. We go to church on Christmas Eve, then come home to have hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. When I was little, we decorated our tree on Christmas Eve and never had one Christmast cookie until after church on Christmas Eve. But now we do both a bit earlier. We listen to Christmas music, including The Messiah and Alfred Burt Christmas carols. We take a long, slow ride to look at outdoor light displays. And we have some old ornaments and decorations that have been handed down in our family.


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My family has certain movies we always watch around/during Christmas: The Snowman, A Christmas Memory, A Matter of Principle... and there's probably more.

We have a motley collection of Christmas ornaments, many that were given as gifts to members of our family at different points in time, and bubble lights that we've had for as long as I can remember.

On Christmas Eve we go to a service in the evening, then on Christmas Day the kids open our stockings at the crack of dawn (well, we used to - teenagers are less enthusiastic than 8-year-olds) and later we all gather 'round and open our presents. We always drink eggnog on Christmas, too.

also, @Phoenix Tears, I love Christmas music too! It's so cozy and nostalgic.

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What my family did when we lived down South, in the lower part of the state, my dad would have to leave for work early in the mornin', so what we did for the past 2 years, is we wake up SUPER EARLY, and we open our stockin's, then we have cinnamon rolls (Yum!! Y'all should try it!), and then we open our presents!

We usually had a Christmas Dinner, but I'm still a little bit unsure what we're gonna do...

Oh, and I hope I can hang out with my new BFFs at the Youth Group's Christmas Party this Thursday! I already have a cute little Star Wars Christmas Sweater with Baby Yoda on it!!

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