New year stuff!

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New year stuff!

New year stuff!

there's less than a week left of 2021! here's the place to talk about new years resolutions, goals, acheivements from this past year, or (basically) anything else related to the new year!! food is welcome. *glasses of punch* Let's celebrate! 

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Here are some new year's resolutions of mine. Whether I actually complete any of them is   doubtful. :)
-ride my bike everyday
-hold my guinea pig
-practice languages 
-read The Two Towers to some of my sisters
-practice for soccer  
Also, it's snowing outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  
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New Years' resolutions (which I actually plan to keep):


1. Play with LEGOs at least once 4 days a week.

2. Learn some psychology

3. Meditate at least once a week.

4. Complete 50 songs.

5. Go on CB exactly 3 times a week. 


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My resolution: Try not to lose crush on Mike Nesmith.

My second resolution: Try to look, and act better.

My third resolution: Win video games within three days.

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I'm Japanese, so New Year is a pretty big thing. We're going to make soba on New Year Eve and have ozoni on New Year morning and have lots of mochi of course :D Unfortunately my grandma and I write letters and last year she told me to clean my room (which is an actual tradition, just one I'd rather ignore) so I'm thinking I might have to do that soon XD

It's hard to believe that it's going to be 2022, though *shudders* In any case, I'm making a goals, reflections on last year and what I can bring into this one, and habit tracking journal thing. I want to improve my skills on my instruments a lot. For instance, definitely learn up to eighth position (I can do 1-5, but I need to work on 5 and 2 a bit more; I tend to learn positions fairly quickly though), improve my vibrato, improve the cleanness of my bowing, and improve intonation a lot. I want to get into the highest level orchestra as soon as humanly possible, because I intend to go into my instruments as a proffesion and that takes a lot of work.

But yeah, I'm excited :D 

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Here are my resolutions~

1. Be working through Quartet by 2023.  (Quartet's an Intermediate Japanese textbook.  I started learning Japanese in January of 2021, where I learned kana from Tofugu (if you guys are learning Japanese then check that out, I learned hiragana in... not weeks... not days... HOURS.  That's how good the website is.) and some kanji from WaniKani, then bought my first textbook, Elementary Japanese.  I'm still on the first book which is a little slower paced than I wanted, so by 2023 I want to have finished the first and second book and move on to Quartet.)

2. Keep a water log.  I drink a ridiculously small amount of water and it's affecting my overall health.

3. Dye my hair.  That's weird to be a resolution, but I'm working on cultivating my own image.  It's a little cringy for me to actually... say (type) that, but I can see my friends and everyone around me trying to become a person of their own and expressing themselves through their outfits.  And I'm really tired of being that one girl who sits alone and doesn't talk to anyone and no one knows. Plus teal hair is just the CUTEST OMG-

4. Be more social.... I can't say hello to people.  I can't say hello to some of my FRIENDS.  I need a way to make this more concrete and specified, though, so I can follow it.  Suggestions welcome... 

*gasps* Confetti, I thought you were kind and gentle!! Did you really just swear at me?!?! 

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