Anyone else seen

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Anyone else seen

Anyone else seen Encanto!?!?


I love it so much and it's amazing and I nEEd to talk to someone about it cuz I'm annOyinG my FrienDs abouT it all the tImE


anyway yeah <3 



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what's your favorite song from it? Mine' we odn' talk about Bruno or surface pressure, I can't decide. 

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Oooh gosh it's hard to decide. 

I guess actually I really like the two you listed!! 

I also just really like that one scene later on where Camilo goes: "Ok, so... We gonna talk about Bruno..." Idk why XD 


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I'm "forcing" my family to watch it with me tonight, 'cause it was my birthday, so I get to choose the movie *Mwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa*! But, a whole bunch of my school friends have seen it, and everyone I know who saw it, said it was great. I'm sure it's gonna be spindiddly!! Tomorrow, after watching, I'll say my reaction...

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happy *late* bday!


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Ahhh yes I watched it last night it was so good :0 Which character had the coolest gift? 

I gotta say Antonio. 
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Hmm, I would agree, probably Antonio. But also maybe Camilo. Also did anyone wonder about how when Bruno uses his gift, he goes through this whole complicated process of making a circle of sand and stuff, but the things he told people (mentioned in we don't talk about Bruno) are super simple, like a fish dying? So he did all that just to say "your fish is gonna die"

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*Realizes that caps lock is on*


*posts anyway.* 

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Encanto is amazing! Bruno is probably my favorite character--wait what's that guy who can shape-shift's name I don't remember but he's cool too.

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I saw Encanto the day it came out on Disney+, and I'm gonna make my family watch it next week :)  

We don't talk about Bruno is AMAZING. It's incredibly complicated and rhythmic and I just love those types of all-cast songs.

My favorite character is probably Dolores (the one who has good hearing.) She only has a brief part to sing in The Bruno Song (that's what I'm gonna call it from now on), but I love her voice.  

The first time I saw Encanto, I thought Isabela's power was "Being Perfect" and I was so confused. Then I realized she's basically a horticulturist. O

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Okay so funny story...

I knew about Encanto way before it came out because my dad works for a company called: Encanto. And they needed to put out their app before Encanto was released. Due to trademark/copyright issues. So it was a race against time! Encanto the app, Encanto the movie. And Encanto the app came out first! But still every time someone mentions Encanto, my AEs are like:




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So here's a form because, well, I don't have a good reason but if I had one you'd be like "Oh, that's a great reason!"

*smirks because Bruno reference*



Favorite character(s):

Favorite song(s): 

Favorite gift(s):

Favorite line/scene(s):


Yes I know it's hard to choose but think about it this way: it's not your favorite, it's just one or two you particularly enjoyed >:D

But here's mine :P 


Favorite character(s): Camilo (the shapeshifter), Dolores (superhuman hearing)

Favorite song(s): We don't talk about Bruno, Surface pressure

Favorite gift(s): Shapeshifting, growing plants 

Favorite line/scene(s): list below **SPOILERS**

1. "...bye" --Bruno 

2. "ok, so... we gonna talk about Bruno...?" --Camilo

3. The scene when Isabela tells Maribel that she didn't really want to marry Mariano 


so yeah :D 

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I saw it and it was really good!

Favorite character(s): Mirabel, even though I know most peoples favorite characters arent the main character

Favorite song(s): Waiting on a miracle, dos oruguitas and two oruguitas

Favorite gift(s): Julietas gift and Dolores gift

Favorite line/scene(s): idk :)

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Favorite character(s): Camilo, Bruno, and Dolores

Favorite song(s): ALL OF THEM but uh we don't talk about Bruno or what else can I do?

Favorite gift(s): definitely Dolores'

Favorite line/scene(s): The scene where Bruno is introduced. It's so perfect for his character that his first line is "You're very sweaty," and his second is "Bye."

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Favorite character(s): Bruno (because well duh) Camilo (because he's funny and has a classic "little brother" vibe I guess?) Dolores (because her  singing voice is really cool) also I like Lisa--kind of a sad character, don't you think?

Favorite song(s): Under the Surface and We Don't Talk About Bruno. Dolores and Camilo are really good in We Don't Talk About Bruno. What Else Can I Do is good too--in case it isn't obvious, I'm indecisive XD

Favorite gift(s): Bruno's and Camilo's and Isabella's 

Favorite line/scene(s): I agree with Red Starlight that Bruno's scene is great and his first lines are quite fitting. I also like the part where Mirabel's dad is saying "Nobody will know," and then the door opens and Dolores' eyes are all wide like whoops 


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