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New AE

New AE

Okay so I have a new AE, and she's still in the making but I kind of love them. 

First up, the newbie!

Name: Quintessence, Nicknamed Quinn

Pronouns: she/they 

Appearance: short purple hair, starry brown eyes, freckled face that is often in wonder, black turtleneck, white skirt with a black plaid pattern on it, black leggings, and white Doc Martens


Personality: mostly still in the making, but she is one of my nicer, more creative, and quiet AEs 


Speaks like: *this*


*hey hey hey!*

Ugh, another AE?

Actually, that's a good point you bring up, Rogue. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the AEs I have! Tamarindo and Elixir are going to be taking a break. For now, Indy, Chai, Rogue, and Quinn will be my main crew.

That's it! Everyone say hi to Quinn!

Hi to Quinn!





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Yang, I... you know what I'm not even gonna try anymore.

;Hi to Quinn!;

Hi Quinn!!!! I'm Jon! How do you feel about catipillars reading books?!

Hi I'm Opal:)

:Hi! The name's Ellerie. Nice to meet you!:

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*Hi everyone! Jon, I like caterpillars and books! And I love the name Opal!* 

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Hi Quinn I'm Chaos do you want to be SUGAR BUDDIES with ME and CHAI and YIN????????

Hey Quinn, nice ta meet ya.

I want your hair, Quinn.

[omg social interaction *hides in corner*] 

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*Hi! I'd like to be sugar buddies, sure! Wait--it involves Chai? 'Cause she honestly scares me. But maybe! :) and hey, thanks so much! I'm happy you like my hair!*

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Mmmmmmmmmmmm do I have to say hi?


Ugh, OK, hello. I'm Alizabella, call me Aliza.

>*nervously* hello, I'm Dawn... welcome to the Chatterbox...<

#Hi to Quinn! I'm Tempest, resident shapeshifter and arguably the most active of Writing's AEs... *shifts into Quinn* hm, your hair is pretty cool.#

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*Hi Aliza! I like your name! Hi Dawn! I also like your name! And Tempest, your hair's cool too! But maybe that's because it looks exactly like mine at the moment... ;)*

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Sorry I'm late! I am Pancake! Nice to meet you Quinn!

I am Wyyiz. Nice to meet you.

HI QUINN!!!! I'm Mx Out!

I am Yuki! Welcome!

~Hello, Quinn~! ~I love your name~! ~I'm StoryTeller~!

~I'm French Toast.~ 

~&Welcome Quinn. I am Aysha.&~

~I am Waffle, KING OF AES! Nice to meet you!~

~I, um, I'm Crepes.~

#Hi. I'm Sourdough#

[I am bagel! Nice to meet you.] 

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