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The Pianist Group

The Pianist Group


The Piano Group? I guess that's what our group name should be? Oh wait, no. The Pianist Group rings better since we both play piano.

OK, so to start, I'm going to ask about piano, 'cause that's one of the things we have in common. So what songs do you play? I am currently learning two songs: Nocturne No. 7 in G Minor by Dennis Alexander, and Midnight Rhapsody by Melody Bober. At least, that's what I remember.

Ooh, and I was also wondering do you have any AEs? I have literally one, she's not very developed yet, but her name is Mira. I don't have any others yet. Maybe you could help me? I could help you in return!

Also wondering do you play with legos? (oh and just a warning, I use "also" and "also wondering" a lot) I like to play wiht legos, but right now I have a sort of - builder's block I guess? - and I technically can't build anything because not only have I used up almost every brick in my legos, but I have a cluttered area to build, and totally no space for anything else. And what would I build, anyway, with the very little amoutn fo bricks that are left to build with? So I'm taking a break from legos. Until I can tell and motivate myself to rip down my lego creations, and sort them back into my lego drawers.

I like humor, that's one thing about me.

Can't wait for a reply! (and a blooming friendship)

-Nut Le Squirrel 

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(May 3, 2022 - 6:36 pm)

Hi! I'm just going to call you Rora, sorry about earlier, as you can see I have a guinea pig named Nut so I'm rather partial to the name :)

I'm learning Liebestraum by Franz Liszt for a recital piece in June, and it's coming along swimmingly, as far as I can tell. I'm also playing Allegro k.3 on the side and some Mendelsohhn. (gosh I hope I spelled that right.)

I one and a half AE's, but I never use them. The first doesn't have a name, because I originally named her Ariel, then switched to Gabriella, then I think she was Adira and eventually I lost track. Anyway, she's like the fiesty one. Basically. Oh, and she plays softball. Then I have another AE I used, like once. Her name is Laylani and she's really shy and she only talks in song lyrics. What is Mira's personality like?

I have a fair bit of legos, because my aunt gave me a giant set once for my birthday, with all these cool things you could build. But the only trouble is you can't build everything, you have to only build one at a time. So I built the first thing and was like, "No! It's too beautiful; I simply couldn't take it down-" cause I'm dramatic like that. And it still stands today. *somber note plays*

What Harry Potter house are you in? I'm officially Gryffindor, though I feel more like a Ravenpuff., what's your favorite subject in school? Mine is probably science. Or social studies.

- Phoenix Tears 

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(Wow it actually let me fit Rora @ Phoenix Tears)

Well anyways Hi!

I have never heard of any of those piano pieces, but I'm sure they're great! I can actually play Fur Elise! (But not very well lol it's really fast and my fingers trip up) I also have a recital in May! Wait, lol it is May. I have it on like May 21st or something. (speaking of May, today my teacher put a little poster on our class slides that had baby yoda on it, and it said, "May the 4th be with you." Just so funny cuz literally all I know about Star Wars is baby yoda and may the force be with you. Never watched it) I believe it's Mendelssohn.

Oh! Wow that's a lot of names. I have a good idea for you. You should make your AEs sisters, so one sister is Ariel, another is Gabriella, and the last sister is Adira. See? Then you can keep all the names and make it sound like you have 1 and a half AE. I don't see you on the AE threads, and no wonder you never use them because I don't see them anywhere. Ooh Laylani sounds pretty! So she only says stuff when the other AEs are singing? Well, Mira is not super developed...she's ten years old and lives on Strawberry Farm. I drew her, and in my opinion she's super cute. Maybe I can attach her in a shorter reply? So she's basically my very first avatar and I made her into an AE...? I was thinking maybe I was going to make Rora into an AE, cuz she's my character from one of my millions and trillions and billions of stories, but I haven't yet. 

Yessssssss I love legos! Aw, that's too bad. Well, yeah, I'm like that, too, because right now I have a Malificent castle that I built from scratch, and it's been there (gathering dust) for awhile. Aren't you ever like, "Besides, I took so long to build it, and there's this one piece that won't come off. So there." Also wondering (see, I warned you about 'also wondering' XD) what the first thing is?

Oh I haven't finished the Harry Potter series, I got to The Goblet of Fire and stopped. And that was like a year ago, so I don't have Harry Potter fresh in my mind. Like, I don't remember anything...

Ah yes, I like ELA when it isn't grammar or a R.A.C.E response, if you'd heard of it. Like, you have to get it. I like writing, which is...Language arts? My social studies curriculum is NOT awesome and I am sorry to break your heart by saying it. It's called Studies Weekly and my mom AND my sister both think it's terrible. So there, quoting the words of Kinkajou.

Oh and do you read Wings of Fire? I got to the 11th book and stopped. My favorite book is The Brightest Night, the 5th book! It's so awesome because the main character in it is such a great character!

Also lol when you replied it sent the post WAY BACK into the Down to Earth, so I was searching and searching...and then I just clicked on Submitted By and it was right there. So when a thread gets replied to and gets its very first comment it goes to the back of all the threads that were ever posted, and to get to it, just click 'Submitted by' and then you see it!

All this time...

That's all for now! (next can we talk about's currently my favorite movie)

- Nut Le Squirrel

P.S. ~Mira~ wants to say something....

~"Um...hi? I'm Mira and I'm ten years old."~

~"Do you have any strawberries? I'll give you some in return!"~

~"...Please? Just three?"~

~"I'll give you ten in return then. Sound fair?"~

~"Do you even like strawberries?"~

"Oh Mira, quit it. You already have 999,999 strawberries at home that you haven't eaten."


~"Those are goozeberries."~


(I guess I'm adding in a new AE really quick, ~Mira's~ older sister: #Lyre# like a greek lyre


#"How many times do I have to tell you those are "goose-berries", not goozeberries!"#

~"I want strawberries! You're the one who ate the last one without telling me!"~

#"So? I don't like gooseberries."#


~"Neither do I. But that doesn't mean it's okay to eat the last strawberry."~

#"Oh, Mira. You have to learn to eat gooseberries when it's all we have. Mom said we're having them stewed for lunch."#

~"Then I want cherries!"~

#*Pops last cherry in mouth*#


~*Stars at Lyre in anger*~

#"What? You didn't tell me you liked cherries. Until now."#

~*leaves room*~

"Lyre, you better not eat the last grape when Mira asks for it."


#"Of course I won't."#  


OK! That's all for now you can see how undeveloped my AEs are. XD

Oh yes, and here's a picture of Mira: 

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(May 4, 2022 - 2:24 pm)

Hi Rora, I'm so sorry I haven't responded yet! I promise I haven't forgotten, I'm just crazy busy and I can't find the time. I'll try to respond later today, if I can.

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(May 11, 2022 - 7:25 am)