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AE Diaries! 

AE Diaries! 

I love these threads! The first, I belive was Viola?'s "Let's Play House" Thread. Basically, you take your AEs and write about what they did that day. It's super fun. After this shows up, I'll post a few links and maybe the first part.

*awkwardly posts* 

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Ahhh, love this thread! I remember when I rebooted this

*quick back-in-my-day moment*

Ok anyways I'll post on this after I bottom it to top it. 

That sounds complex

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Ok I'm here doing it now.. heh

Im just gonna post one AE's entry rn...



I don't really write in diaries... but I guess I'll try it out. Today was... okay, I guess. No... it wasn't great. We've all been tired and today I guess it all came apart for some of Starli's AEs, but it's okay now.

After it was a bad day, though, it was a good day. I read a lot of books, and Starli's AEs had "Family Game Night". It was really weird. We all got to choose one game. I chose Uno, Sun chose Sorry, Ellerie chose Twister, and Felix chose Googly Eyes. I won Sorry, Sun won Uno and Twister, and Ellerie won Googly Eyes. It was really chaotic but enjoyable. I like spending quality time with my siblings.

Afterwards, Sun and Ellerie left so Sun could give her a guitar lesson, and Felix and I made ice cream sundaes and designed this really pretty dress. If there's an AE ball or party soon, maybe one of Starli's AEs will wear it. Probably Ellerie, though, since she's older than me and Felix and it's kind of a dress that would suit someone older. We'd have to tailor it to her, though.

It wasn't an exciting day, but there. This diary thing isn't bad... maybe I'll try it again sometime. 

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Anyway, I'll post something later, but here's the link!

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I've been calling the place where me and my AEs live "The Otherside"
Writing gave me and xyr other AEs some notebooks earlier today and told us to write about what we were thinking, for “my and other CBers enjoyment,” I already started decorating mine! At first it was just plain old red, but now I added lots of stickers, and a cool bookmark string I found, and I borrowed some of Cassidy’s paint, then put some polka dots and stripes on it!
After I mostly finished that, I read some webcomics I needed to catch up on; The Last Dimension, Sunny Side Skies, Starchild Prophecies, and Space Boy! Space Boy is my favorite. I’m even named after one of the main characters! I wish It would get off hiatus soon, though. I want to know what happens next!
I think I’m gonna go see what Dawn is up to.

#Boring. Boring. Bored. I’m sitting in our library right now. I’m pretty sure Writing (and probably Aliza and Oliver, too) has read every one of the books - even the dictionary, I don’t even know why we still have it - at least two times through. Which means I’ve basically done that too, in a weird, thought-transfering, AE/CBer kind of way.#
#Y’know, I actually haven’t been in this room often. I don’t really know how many rooms our house actually HAS. I’m gonna go check.#
#Okay. So, I lost count. We’ve got the library, kitchen, living room, stairway (does that even count??), six bedrooms, one bathroom per bedroom plus one more, and this room I found that’s just filled with doors. It was downstairs, behind the couch. There were at least 20 doors? Ish? When I asked Writing about it, xe said that each door leads to a different one of xyr “fictional worlds”, whatever that means.#
#Maybe I’ll explore one later. Or not. We’ll see.#
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>I’ve started a garden. Nothing complex, just a few flowers, cucumbers, green beans, and the various berries that always seem to grow around the house this time of year. I like the blackberries best.<
>Aliza offered to help, but after about fifteen minutes she was covered head-to-toe in mud and headed inside to take a shower. Well, more accurately, she stomped inside. It seemed like she blamed me for the mess, even though I had nothing to do with it. She avoided me the rest of the day, but by nighttime she had forgotten or forgiven, and hugged me during what she had dubbed “the scary scene” in the movie we were watching.<
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