Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!!

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Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!! LOL! My name is not really Makenzie S., it is Sydney Michelle S. I am not in 6th grade, I do play the flute and guitar, but I am only in 5th grade band. Although my teacher currently calls me her best flutist, and I am on a 6th grade level! I am a straight A student, in a 5th grade classroom and have a normalish amount of friends. My best friend is Choco here on CB. I love the color purple and I love to go on CB. That is why I want to tell everyone the truth! I am soooo sorry!!!!!! If yo guys are so mad for me lying I understand! If I was on the other end of this I would be soo mad!
I don't really have a broken elbow, but I did break my leg twice, and currently have a pink cast! I am not really going to Hong Kong to adopt Gregory and the only reason I made that up is because I had a dream about that! My "sister" Molly S. isn't real either! I am sooo sorry that I lied to everybuggy, but will you please forgive me!

P.S. Choco sorry, but I really wanted to tell! Forgive me!

P.S.S. Everybuggy I will now be known as S.M.S. on CB!

submitted by Makenzie (not), age 11 REALLY, Still PA
(November 2, 2009 - 8:55 pm)

*thinks for a while looking very wise* I beleive that it is quite a mature thing that you told us that. I respect people that can admit things. I for one forgive you. *encouraging smile* :)

((Course I havn't been here for a while but I hope I am setting people a good example. o.O >:| ))

submitted by Emily L., age WA, 14
(November 2, 2009 - 11:52 pm)