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SO i randomly came up with this idea. Basically, if you want to find an old thread, or just find a thread in general, or something else, but you don't want to look for it yourself, you can post a comment asking for someone to find what you want to find.


It's not that good of an idea, i just randomly came up with it and wanted to post it. 

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(July 12, 2022 - 11:04 am)

It's a great idea!

submitted by Shining Star, age 13 eons, The Milky Way, she/her
(July 12, 2022 - 4:59 pm)
submitted by TOPoftheday!
(July 13, 2022 - 10:35 am)

I have a question for the admins and I CANNOT find the thread where you can ask them questions!!! Has anyone else seen it?

You can really ask anywhere, because an Admin will see it when the comment is reviewed.


submitted by Amethyst, age Many years, Arendelle
(September 8, 2022 - 6:55 pm)

OK thanks! Then could you tell me what it means to say a thread 'dies'?

submitted by Amethyst, age many years, Arendelle
(September 9, 2022 - 5:13 pm)

Well, I'm not an admin, but it means when people stop posting for a while or the thread becomes inactive and kind of starts sinks down into the depths of the CB.

submitted by Hex@Amethyst
(September 9, 2022 - 8:46 pm)

A tip for finding threads that I've figured out - if you know the name of the thread, hit "subject," this organizes the threads alphabetically and then it's much easier to find.

submitted by Sterling
(September 12, 2022 - 9:06 am)

does anyone know where the s-s-stand by thread went?

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(September 15, 2022 - 5:01 pm)

Not sure if this is the one you want, but there's a thread submitted by s-s-stand by, called REDIRECTING: PLEASE STAND BY on page 3 of Down to Earth!

submitted by Poinsettia@Tsuki
(October 1, 2022 - 2:24 pm)