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AE Party!

Chai's birthday is coming up (I guess AEs are ageless, but September 21st is National Chai Day, and I couldn't resist...) and she wants to have a party so she can give everyone presents and eat cake.

/Just like NORMAL PEOPLE!\

Yes, Chai, just like normal people.

;Is someone gonna tell her that she's supposed to get presents on her birthday, not give them?; 

*Just let her have this.* 

Anyway, though this may be a party thrown in honor of Chai, it isn't really going to be all about her because that would be... OP, I guess? I don't know how to best describe it. We just like AE Parties. She may tackle-hug you, though, and try to give you a present and/or a cookie.

Okie-dokie, here is the form. 

AE Name:





Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?:

Any allergies?:


The party is going to take place on a nice, breezy autumn evening. Wear whatever you want. No CBers allowed. 


Hopefully this isn't a dumb idea. I'll post my AEs' forms later.


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I have learned that Peri loves AEs.

Hello Chai, and happy birthday!!!

~get out~


~im serious *shoves Rora out and slams the door*~

*muffled yells from outside and Rora joins from another device*

Ok, so apparently the AEs kicked me out, because, well, no CBers are allowed...right?

#Ok, so now Rora-#




~Enough about that!~

AE Name: ~Mira

CBer: ~Unfortunately, it's Rora.~ (Background noise: HEY! I'm not THAT bad)

Pronouns: ~she/her~

Age: ~10! But....maybe I'm 10 and a half now! I think I am!!! So. 10 1/2~

Appearance: ~Can't I just attach a picture? Wait. I'll copy and paste from another form I filled out! Perfect! I have long, hazel brown hair in two pigtails down my back with a pink bow in my hair, hazel-colored eyes, red dress, red gloves, and small leather boots. There.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: ~I'm bringing a PRESENT for Chai! I can't wait to meet another AE! Does Chai like strawberries? Um. Just--wondering.~

Any allergies?: ~Nope!! I only think I'm part allergic to Lyre, but then again, I'm not sure.~



#My turn.#


Name: #Lyre#

CBer: #Rora. I'm in a foul mood today, the MCU has cost me everything, especially Mira.#

Age: #I should be 11 1/2.#

Pronouns: #she/her#

Appearance: # I have reddish brown hair that's in a braid going a little bit farther down my shoulders with a hot-pink ribbon intertwined in it, black eyes, a light gray dress, and matching leather boots to Mira's. Kind of plain, if you ask me.#

Are you going to bring anything: #Just a small surprise present for you, Chai. #

#I believe I'm allergic. To Mira.#

Other: #I like cherries.#


~we're sorry it's so SHORT!!! But of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAI HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!~

#*eyeroll* I'm sorry that the basket of candy I brought for you, Chai, is barely a basket of candy anymore! It's pretty much a basket of candy...wrappers. Courtesy of MIRA.#

~In Mira World, candy is healthy!~


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AE Name: /Chai!\

CBer: /Peri!\

Pronouns: /she/her, but they/them works fine too!\

Age: /*delighted squeal* almost 14!!\

Appearance: /curly auburn hair going down just past my shoulders, freckled face, and orange eyes. Small for my age. I'll be wearing my orange sweater (the best sweater in the world!) under blue overalls, and brown Ugh boots!\

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: /cookies, candyyyy, presents to give people, emergency lollipops\

Any allergies?: /nope!\



AE Name: *Quinn*

CBer: *Peri* 

Pronouns: *she/they*

Age: *14-16*

Appearance: *short purple hair, light complexion, milky blue eyes. I'll be wearing jeans and a black-t-shirt, and sneakers.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: *sure, I'll bring a plate of scones.*

Any allergies?: *I'm allergic to hazelnuts.*



AE Name: ;Valentino "Vo";

CBer: ;Peri;

Pronouns: ;he/him (or he/they, I don't really care)

Age: ;*s h r u g*;

Appearance: ;messy black hair, olive skin, brown eyes. Wearing a t-shirt that says "WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS," jean shorts, and black knee-high converse.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: ;yep, I'm bringing pancakes!; *pancakes?* ;yes. Chocolate-chip pancakes. Got a problem, QUINN?!;

Any allergies?: ;nope;


AE Name: *~Indy~*

CBer: *~peri~*

Pronouns: *~she/her~*

Age: *~11~*

Appearance: *~caramel colored hair, olive skin, brown eyes, freckles. Usually seen in a blue hoodie, jean shorts, and sandals.~*

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: *~yes, I'll bring a plate of peanut butter cookies~*

Any allergies?: *~no~*


AE Name: Rogue

CBer: Peri

Pronouns: she/her

Age: probably 13

Appearance: long white hair, dark eyes. Wearing all black.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: orange soda bottles

Any allergies?: I'm allergic to most flowers


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*shows up in an explosion*

*marches in with a whirlwind trailing close behind*

*slams down a Notice of Reservation*


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Hi Chai! Sounds like a fun party. I'm excited! Laylani can't wait, either-


*arches an eyebrow* 


Yes you are! Wasn't it nice of Chai to invite you?

*gasp* what if they don't like me? I've never been to a party before...

Look, Chai is nice! She's going to give you a cookie and a tackle-hug! I'm sure she'll help you get introduced to everybody!! 

*sob* I don't want a cookie if everybody hates me!! Oh noooooo...

*pushes Laylani out the door* I promise no one will hate you. And if they do, it's their problem, NOT yours, ok?


AE Name: Laylani

CBer: Phoenix Tears

Pronouns: she/her

Age: n/a

Appearance: I have long, straight brown hair pulled back into a ponytail with perfectly styled bangs and green streaks on the side. My eyes are a greenish brown color, and my face is roundish. (she looks quite a bit like Violet Baudelaire, if you can imagine) I'm wearing pleather ankle booties, gray acid-washed jeans, and a silver, blue, and white striped poncho with a white winter cap on my head. Basically my ACNH outfit, which Laylani here liked so much she stole! And now owns! Hey! Not true!

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: Grape jelly from Phoenix T's revolutionary vineyard. You can put it on biscuits. I'm not allowed to have biscuits, so I just eat it plain sometimes. 

Any allergies?: I have celiac disease, which, while not an allergy, means I can't eat any gluten or I get really sick. 

Other:  hrm I don't think so.

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Ooh, sounds fun!!! I can't post the forms rn but I will come back tomorrow (or the next day) and post them!

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YES! A party! It feels like you haven't used us in so loooong-
I WAS BUSY-  Can you just fill out your forms, guys? I have to get going soon-
> I'll go first :)< 
AE Name: >Dawn<
CBer: >Writing_in_the_dark<
Pronouns: >Ae/aer/aerself<
Age: >I'm ageless<
Appearance: >I'm tall with pale skin, grayish blue eyes, long white hair, and pointed elf ears. I'll wear a burgundy overall dress, off-white t-shirt, tall striped socks, and black doc martens. And my hair is pulled back with a maroon hair clip.<
Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: >Um… I made apple pie.<
Any allergies?: >I'm mostly allergic to milk. It won't kill me, but… you know. And like all of Writing’s other AEs, I'm vegetarian.<
Other: >I’m very excited!<
AE Name: Oliver!!
CBer: Writing_in_the_Dark
Pronouns: He/him!
Age: I’m 13 :)
Appearance: I have tan skin, curly dark brown hair with a red streak in the front, hazel eyes, and a freckled face with a red star on my cheek! I’m gonna wear a red t-shirt with a yellow star on it, blue jeans, a black hoodie, and pink sneakers.
Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?: I’m bringing a present I made for Chai! And! I got pink lemonade, even if it IS almost fall!
Any allergies?: Nope! But like Dawn said, we’re both vegetarian!
Other: I’m so excited for Oliver to see Vo- like how will they both react-
Oh, right! One more thing. My school year is starting this week, so I might not post throughout the day, but I’ll make sure to post at night! When does this start, though?
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Oh, right. This'll start on... Wednesday? But anyone can join late. Thanks to everyone who joined so far :)

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Come on everyone. I need to be away from you for at least 48 hours, ok. Not get in...THERE! *slams door loudly*


AE Name:$Welp, that happened (and for the record, Chai is my bestie...I wanted to come :>   ) My name is (drum roll please) STRAWBERRY!$

CBer:$Reuby Moonnight!$

Pronouns:$She/ Her please and thank you!$

Age:$Well...#AEsAreAgeless...but for the sake of the question. 15$

Appearance:$Tanskin, Big green eyes, short, fluffy black hair w/ a green streak and pink dress$

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?:Creame puffs and sugar. Also a present for Chai (sorry, can't tell you what it is yet!)$

Any allergies?:$only to sadness$

Other:$MIRA! HI...wait..Is Oliver here?$ 


AE Name:#Lore..the best name#

CBer:#Reuby Moonnight#


Age:#20 (but AEsAreAgless)#

Appearance:#Yellow eyes, wolf ears and tail, green hair in a ponytail and pale skin#

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?:#Chaos#

Any allergies?:#Nope#




AE Name:^Hour^

CBer:^Reuby Moonnight^


Age:^I am a the daughter of a moon Goddess, so I am Imortal.^

Appearance: ^Long white hair (shaved one side), dark skin, a moon symbol above eye brows, sharp, ice blue eyes and many peircings^

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?:^ Moonlight necter (take it in small sips, it is really sweet)^

Any allergies?:^None^



AE Name:~Agua~

CBer:~R-Reuby Moonnight~


Age:~I don't know~

Appearance:~ Blue tinted skin, droopy yellow- ish green eyes, fluffy dark blue hair, gills and fins~

Are you going to bring anything (and if so, what will you be bringing)?:~ My big, cotten scarf, and one for Chai as well~

Any allergies?:~ No, but I don't eat fish~

Other: ~ Is there a pool, perhaps?~

I should probaly figure out my AEs B-days too.. :7



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AE Name: Pippin

CBer: Sterling

Pronouns: fae/faer

Age: #AEsAreAgeless, I look about 16

Appearance: Long auburn hair in a braid, light skin, green eyes, freckles, deer ears and antlers.  Wearing a dark green sweater, white pleated skirt, patterned brown scarf, brown flats, and acorn earrings.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so what will you be bringing?): Snickerdoodle cookies and chai tea because it's Chai's birthday!

Any allergies?: Nope!

AE Name: Ivory

CBer: Sterling

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 18-ish

Appearance: Light brown skin, fox ears and tail, short wavy white hair, red eyes.  I'll wear a black shirt with frilly white sleeves, grey pants, tall black boots, and gold jewelry.

Are you going to bring anything (and if so what will you be bringing?): Chocolate cake and a present for Chai from all of Sterling's AEs

Any allergies?: Apples

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$The day has come :>......Wait. THE DAY HAS COME! CHAI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY$

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/I'm jumping up and down with excitement. "/THE PARTY IS STARTING! WOOHOO! I CAN'T WAIT TO HUG EVERYONE!\" I shout into Rogue's ear. She sighs a little and nods. "Mmm-hmm," she says. I wonder who's gonna be here first. I'm thrilled to see all of my BEST FRIENDS and NEW BEST FRIENDS!\


I should type more. But I don't want to... Sorry 

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>I wish I had made the apple pie earlier. Now it’s really hot in my hands and we’re probably late and-<
>Oliver snaps me out of my thoughts by practically yelling, “We’re here!” He’s jumping up and down, holding the big container of lemonade and his (OUR, I helped make it) present for Chai. “Come on! I want to give her my presenttttt!”<
>I sigh and push open the door. There, of course, stands Chai, along with another AE I assume is another one of Peri’s… Maybe Rouge?<
>”Chai!” Oliver shouts, shoving the lemonade in my hands and running over to hug Chai before she could probably even process what was happening. “Happy Birthday!”<
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$ Like any best friend I kicked down the door ( I didn't actully, because that would be rude.) I look around for Chai. I spot her being hugged by some other AE. Setting her present down, I skip over to her. Then....I realize who the other AE is. It's Oliver....I let out a tiny squeak. Slowly...I back...away. Oliver looked over Chai's shoulder, and noticed me. Oliver let go of Chai, and ran over to me. Chai following him. Chai is my best friend...but Oliver is my crush....and when I'm flusterd.....My face goes red and I can't speak straight. Why me?!


Sorry it's so short.

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