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Ky's House

How are you feeling today?

What's your response to that, normally? I'm guessing it's "fine" or "good" or something along those lines, regardless of what you're actually feeling. Let's try something a little different.

How are you feeling today, really? 

Whole different question. 

Come visit Ky's House. Tell Ky, a made up character (think imaginary friend) how your day was, anonymously if preferred. Doesn't matter if your day was amazing or really bad, or somewhere in the middle. Score a goal at your last soccer game and want to brag about it? Dealing with friend drama and wishing you had someone to talk to? Everyone is welcome here. 

Ky's a character I made up. They won't really respond to what you say (because they're fictional, of course), but they are here to create a more specific person for you to talk to. You can address them when describing your day, if you like, or not. Imagine them however you want. Whatever makes you happy. 

Hope to see you soon.

--Peri (and Ky) 


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frustrating. just very frustrating.

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