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Let's start talking! I recently named my three keyboards. Their names are Bianca, Illusion, and Koi. Koi was Willa before, but I didn't really like that.

I play piano as well, I'm working on Sonata in C {Major?} by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Silent Night. I love to read! And, I started my first drama class. I got cast as a munchkin who has solo singing parts! So, 8 lines in total. CB is a wonderful realm to enter into. :)

I as well usually can't pick a single book, so I just go with a series.

Also: I'm kinda really, really bad at drawing. I've only drawn a few good drawings.

Bye for now!


P.S. Quick fact: if you didn't know my full CB name is Nut Le Squirrel but I am formerly known as Rora. :) 

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(November 14, 2022 - 5:28 pm)

Hi Rora!

Naming your keyboards is a great idea! Okay, my personal keyboard I will name Blaze. And... my mom has a keyboard that she lets me use that I will name Angelica! Perfect.

Both songs you are working on in piano I really like. I am also working on a christmas song (Carol of the Bells) and a classical song (Fur Elise)!

I also love drama. Right now my theater class is working on It Can't Be True from 13 and When I Grow Up from Matilda. 

It's okay about your drawing skills. I'm not very good as well. I mostly just draw people, but I was satisfied with a drawing of a pumpkin I made recently. 

Do you play/played any sports? I used to play soccer, and now I do archery. It's really fun but last night I went to my class and it was FrEeZiNg where I live. Nowhere's weather is strange. But yeah, it took me a while to thaw out.

Are you reading anything right now? I am mostly rereading books (I'll have to go to the library soon) but for school I am reading The Hobbit. 

Anyway, thanks for being my partner! 

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Hi Piano Man!

I apologize for not responding in forever, my schedule has been pretty busy, which means I've had to leave out CBing sometimes. (how dare I!) Nice keyboard names!! Just wondering...did you read Wings of Fire? Because Blaze is in Wings of Fire, and she's uh...a darling character.

#PianoIsAwesome. My mom literally is trying to make me play piano right now hehe...but I'm like I'm not missing my CB time! Nice!! This is funny, I've played both songs on the piano :D My piano teacher (after I finished the song of course) said she didn't like the version I played of Carol of the Bells; it was a really short and easy version. I love Fur Elise SO MUCH (thumbs up gif) I've learned it, and my mom and sister are a huge fan of Beethoven. I used to pronounce his name like Bee-Toe-Vin.

Drama is amazing. My sister got the role of tin man if I didn't already say, but when we were doing singing auditioning, someone who sang the same song as my sister...they got tin man as well! What are the chances? We're double casting, which is what I forgot to say.

Haha, I rarely have good drawings. I do oil painting, and I think I'll ask if you agree that painting is easier than drawing.

Hey, what are the odds? I do archery as well!! I live in California, so I get opposite weather :). It's pretty hot here. We have this thing where we shoot balloons and I actually got one!!!

I read Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos this week, and Blades of Freedom but they were ok.

Ah, thank YOU for being MY partner! Again, I apologize for the extremely late reply.


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