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*Outdoors Group-the best

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Hello Wildsong! (hope you don't mind if I don't do WiLdSoNg all the time)

So! I was looking at the things you like to talk about and found that you like to draw and I was curious what exactly you draw! I have been getting in to drawing people lately.

You also like to talk about books and writing. I love love books so much! I am writing a story right now acually call Daisy Elkins trilogy. I mean it isn't a trilogy yet but I have 80 sheets of paper for the first book right now. What sort of things do you write? 

Are you homeschooled? I am. Do you have any pets? Me and my family owns a boxer/lab mix called Bailey.

Aaaaand that is all I can think to say until you write back. Oh wait! what are your favorite books or book series?

Bye for now! 

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Hello, Hawkstar! (Of course we are the best group.)

Yesterday, my internet crashed, so a missed a day of CB time. So sad! Yes, that's fine that you don't want to spell out the strange letters. I hardly write my name at all; it just suggests it for me in the name bar. 

I have also been drawing people lately! I'll take hours at a time listening to my playlist and drawing. I like using the anime style and my brother's colored pencils.

I haven't been writing a lot (or very much at all T_T) lately because I've been so busy with sports and school. Ugh, school. A total waste of time.

I have two weird cats for pets. My grandparents have two lovely golden retreivers so I like dogs too.

What pronouns do you use? How old are you? (You don't have to say if you don't want to). 

How could you ever ask me to choose a favorite book or series!?! I love so many. Right now, I love the Michael Vey series. Sooooo goooood.


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I hope the title for our didn't sound to corny! 

I hate when the Internet crashes. I use a old, out of date laptop, so it doesn't work super well to begin with, so..

I love to listen to audio books or music on my portable CD player, and while I do that I love to draw or paint or make braclets. And do you know how to post pictures on here? I don't know how yet...

That's to bad that you haven't been able to write a bunch. Since I'm homeschooled, I spend half my school hours writing in my story :) what sort of sports? I am not into sports to much, but my BFF runs cross country, and I do love to swim. I live on a lake, so I swim literaly every day in the summer months. Some school is a waste of time. I mean, I hate math, and barely do it at all for school, because do I really need to learn what 2(x-6)-5 equals? I really aim to become a successful author, and I don't really need to know all that.

I love cats! But I like a variety of dogs, too. If you could have any dog, what type would you get? I think I'd get either a golden doodle, or a pomeranian.

My pronouns are she/her, and I'm 14. what about you?

Also, I meant for you to stream out your fav books and book series. Bring it on! I am needing some new books to look for when I'm at the library, so maybe so of the books you've read I'll like!

Why is you CB name Wildsong? and roughly how ling have you been here? 



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My pronouns are she/her and I'm 13. My name is Wildsong because, well, I like being in the wild and I like music. I also like how it sounds together. What about your name? I've been on here since September 2022. How long have you been on the CB?

I think for a dog I would want to get a golden retreiver puppy. They are soooo cute! I saw one today after soccer practice. 

Last year, I hated math (even though I was at the top of my grade), but this year, I hate science. Mostly because of my teacher and the things we're learning. I mean, he's not a bad guy, but, he's soooooo chaotic. 

I do know how to post pictures on here. I could tell you if you want. 

Alright, now are you ready for the book dump? This will be off the top of my head. Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans. The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. The Last Hours series by Cassandra Clare. The Overthrow series by Kenneth Opal. Children of Ragnarok by Cinda Williams Chima. The Shadow Children series by Margret Peterson Haddix. 

Ok, I think that might be enough. If you ever want more, let me know. 


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My name? I am mostly Hawkstar because I like Warriors and because by friends knew I wanted to be a leader, and because I like hawks sooo...

OMG! I have been on here since September 2022 as well! That is just cool.

Yes, please tell me how to post pictures! I want to sooo bad

Ok, this might be crazy, but I have never heard of any of those books before. I will definitley check them out. And sure! Load me with more!

What sort of music genre do you like? I like jazz, as well as just random soundtracks.

Have you ever done a ski lodge of solo write or written pictures on here? I am currently writing a ski lodge for the first time. I'll see how it goes... 

What do you like best about nature? I enjoy climbing, and just running through the undergrowth and just exploring every thing. 

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I've never actually read Warriors. Is it good? 

I feel like there are a lot of CBers who are very active now who also joined in September. I don't know, maybe that's just me. 

To post pictures, you have to make sure it's your own art or picture, or otherwise the Admins won't post it. You also can't really show yourself or your surroundings. I'm less clear on the picture rules. 

I'm just going to post some artwork I did recently. Once you have the picture downloaded or taken from your computer (I only use a computer so....), then you go to where it says My Art and click Choose File. Then you have to select a file from your computer's downloads and files page. You should see next to Choose File the name of your image. Then you post. Tell me if it doesn't work.

This post is already kind of long, so I'll wait for a shorter post to pile book names for you. 

My playlist is pretty eclectic. I like a lot of different types of music. I also like random soundtracks, especially from musicals.

I'm never done a ski lodge or solo write or written picturings. I did some picturings a while ago, but I only did, like, three, and fizzled out. That's super cool that you're writing a ski lodge! I'll be sure to join when you post it!

I absolutely love running through the woods! Barefoot? Yes. I also love exploring, especially cliffs, streams, and waterfalls.  

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Warriors is fairly good. But you would need to read it yourself to find out. Everyone is different. Thank you for helping me with the pic stuff. But of course when I tried my laptop decided it was too old. *sigh*

Yessss musicals! what are your favorite ones? I like the newsies and sound of music the best.

Can you do a picturing for me?

I am barefoot literaly as long as it isn't freezing outside. I wish I could explore more frequently. Eventuly my family and i will move some where with a large property. Someday. Someday.

And ski lodge? I am already posting one i am in the middle of it. Buuuut (shhh don't tell) I am going to write another when enough people join. I think I can do 2 ski lodges at once right? The one you can enter in is Hotel California. If you want. That is the other one I haven't started yet.

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Yes! Newsies!!! Ahhhhh! I also love Hamilton. I just love musicals in general. 

Sure, I can do a picturing! Give me a description. Sorry that your computer is too old. Laptops just can be annoying sometimes. 

We have a lot of land with woods around it. We also have lakefront, but the lake is marshy and the access is on a steep hill. Luckily, we live around a different lake, and our neighbors who have lakefront on THAT lake let us go on it whenever we want.

You're Bob from Hotel California? :D Sure, I'll join. Is it hard to write a ski lodge? I'm not sure what it entails. 


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Ok! picturings. you mean drawing one, right? here is my appearance.

Tall with brown hair cut A line short. Button nose sharp hazel eyes some freckles. wearing forest green leggings and brown tunic with thin leather belt and hunting knife. Barefoot and has a bow and quiver full of arrows

Your property sounds like... Well. It sounds awesome.

It isn't too hard. It is like writing a murder mystery in a way. You should just read a few to get a genrel idea ;D 

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Sure! I'll start your picturing soon!

Your appearance is really cool! I can't wait to draw it!

I love how our posts are getting shorter and shorter and off to the side because we keep replying. :D 

What is your CAPTCHA's name? Mine is called Benbi and he says, "cimco".  

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I hope you like it!

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