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NEW AE!! I absolutely LOVE HIM!

= Um, Hi! I'm Carmen! And can learn more about me in the form below.= 

Name: = Carmen Viola.=

Age: =I'm 16.=

Pronouns:=I'm Transgender, I was a girl when I was a kid. But now I'm a Demiboy. I use He/They pronouns.=

Shipping:= I'm really fine with anyone.=

Personality:=I-= Whaoh there, I'll be doing this. Just hold your horses. =But I-= No buts. Carmen is really sweet but also introverted. They don't really talk much, and looks like he isn't listening. But trust me, their just listening very. Intently. He's also really caring towards every one, and they do not like violence (AKA Rin. But he likes kids. So he tries to get along with her.).

Appearance: I'll post a picture of them when this goes up, but here it  is in their words. = Thank you very much for letting me speak. Um, I like to go to the beach so I have fairly tan skin. My eyes are blue, because I'm trans I have fairly long eyelashes (and I still wear mascara), I dyed my hair blonde (it was origanally auburn). I like to wear earthy tones and sweaters. I like to wear vintage clothing.=

Likes:= I reeeally like photography, I also like dogs. Dogs are really cute. And flowers, cooking is also one of my passions.=

Dislikes:=I'm scared of thunder, it's so loud. I also really dislike math.=

Other:= I'm happy to be here!=


Also, I am sadly retirering my AE Mhaya. She may or may not come back up. I'll still be mentioning her in art or little stories. But this is Carmen! 

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HI CARMEN! I'm Fir, they/them. You seem AWESOME! I like photography and dogs and flowers and cooking too! Well. I'm terrible at cooking. But I like all the other things you mentioned!!

Welcome to the CB, Carmen! I'm Barnacle, he/him. See you around!

|Hey Carmen, I'm Arum, she/they! I've been told I can be...intense, so heads up!|

I'm Koi, she/her. I'm a cat, and you like dogs, so...*glares at Carmen*

~Hello, Carmen -- don't mind Koi. I'm Mirage, she/her. It's nice to meet you! I love cooking and photography as well. We seem to have a lot in common.~

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=Hello Fir! I really like your name, and I'm sure with some practice you'll get the hang of it!=

=Happy To be here Barnacle! You seem nice!= 

=Some of Reuby's other AEs...are intense. So I wouldn't mind!= 

=Well I like cats to, but I like dogs better! And please don't glare. Cat glares to say the least.= 

=It seems we do, It's nice to meet you too!= 

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Hi Carmen! I'm Leotea.

Hi! I'm Cora. It's nice to meet you! 

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=It's nice to meet you Cora and Leotea!=

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