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zelda!!i thi


i think there have been a few of these threads but i'm not sure where they went so here we are again :D i've noticed a lot of zelda fans across the cb so here's a thread about it! talk about your favorite zelda games etc

my favorite zelda game is either tears of the kingdom or skyward sword. i've played The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, some of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer (kind of a zelda game) and am currently playing Tears of the Kingdom. The only reason I haven't played Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild is because my brother was playing it so I just watched him but he's in college now so i can play them now!! i'll definitely play skyward sword after totk and then maybe botw. also tulin is the best :D

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I hath been summoned by talk of the Legend of Zelda-

I've played Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and a little bit of The Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild.

I've also completed Wind Waker, and am very close to doing so a second time. however, treasure hunting. my parents really want me to just get on with beating Twilight Princess, but at the moment fishing and experimenting with Chu Jelly is far more interesting than the main quest.

I think if I played more of BotW, or if I played TotK those would become my new favorites, but Wind Waker is my current favorite (no matter what, it'll always be special). nothing like like going for a good sail and Bokoblin-torturing spree to end the day on a happy note, am I right? 

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update: I beat Wind Waker for the second time last night :D

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i've never played wind waker but it sounds really fun! one day my goal is to beat all the games (well, at least almost all of them.) i have listened to some of the music from wind waker (there was a while a few years ago where i literally only listened to zelda music) and it was really good :D

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yeah, Wind Waker music is amazing :D especially most of the boss music. I literally start dancing every time I hear the Molgera Battle Theme :)

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I was at my uncles yesterday, and he has a switch and has Totk, and I was playing it. The first thing I did, went to Rito village. Well, my sister actually arrived. We switched off playing right as I got to the long thingy land strip with all the long thin bridges you have to go over to get to Rito. So it was pretty frustrating to watch her fall and go the WRONG WAY! So naturally I had to yell at her to go the other way. We finally got there, after yelling at the smol green bird knkwn as Genli to tell me WHERE HER FATHER KASS IS. I NEED TO SEE HIM IN ALL HIS ACCORDION PLAYING GLORY! Ahm, anyways we found Tulin. AND OH MY GOSH. HE IS THE FROGGING CUTEST! HE REMEMBERED MEEEE! AND HIS LITTLE PONY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!


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i know!! tulin is probably my favorite of the sages. but WHERE IS KASS??? how dare he not be in tears of the kingdom >:0

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How to Make a Floor Guardian

ingredients: Stasis+ and one Guardian (must have legs attached, and must be staying perfectly still.)

simply Stasis+ the Guardian from a distance, and enjoy your Floor Guardian. 

some Floor Guardians have been observed to retain their laser-shooting tendencies for a short time, and others remain on top of the floor. Handle with caution.

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i have returned!! thanks darkvine for reminding me about this thread! i am currently playing skyward sword and it's AWESOME! and i'm trying to choose if tears of the kingdom or skyward sword is my favorite zelda game- i love the different abilities, story, open world, lot of quests, etc of tears of the kingdom but skyward sword has really cool dungeons, combat, characters, items... skyward sword does have the imprisoned and silent realms which can be incredibly frustrating at times (if you haven't played skyward sword, the imprisoned is a boss you have to fight 3 times and it gets harder each time- your goal is to keep it from reaching the top of the seals grounds which is a kind of spiraly hole thing and if it reaches the top you lose, and then the silent realms are a thing where you have to run around collecting tears of the goddesses without being caught by sentries, plus each tear grants you only 90 seconds before the "guardians" wake up and chase you and you have to restraint if you get hit once) so my final verdict is... both games are awesome and i refuse to choose :D oh yeah and i learned the beginning of saria's song on the ocarina! it sounds really bad and my cat is terrified of it but it's still fun :DD (wow this is a long comment sorry)

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my friends

i have found it

the T-posing lizalfos 

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also i finished skyward sword so i'll play botw next :D 

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