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Good Rants

Just get it out. Sometimes, what you need is a good rant, to unleash that anger and frustration (preferably in a not as... well, preferably not by hitting someone or taking it out on another person or thing). That's what I love about rants. Also, I just feel so satisfied after I get that out, like I don't have to carry all that around anymore, and can have more room for happy stuff. But sometimes, the anger is good, bc it gets you passionate and fired up about problems and if you put all that rage into writing, you can also 1. Organize all your thoughts to DO something about the problem, in a more reasonable and levelheaded way, 2. Share it with other ppl and make more of a difference (I love to spread my ARGHHs around, and you can see if anyone else agrees with you), and 3. You can choose whether or not you want to take on that rage or not. But that's my personal opinion. This is for small problems, and big problems. Mundane stuff like... idk, an argument with a sibling or why a piece of equipment won't cooperate, or life-changing moments. You can even just gripe about why life is so unfair. Or make random angry sounds. Idk. Whatever you need, you can use this! :) Enjoy!


Btw, am I the only person who counted 31 just-plain-wrong/terrible/horrible/unnecessary things in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

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