Introducing my AEs

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Introducing my AEs

Introducing my AEs (all of them as of now)! Some of them were from Kyngdom originally, you can tell. Sorry they're so long!! And cobbled together! And the format! And the font (that's interesting...)! And everyone'll probably change personalities and stuff as I write them sorry. I will probably definitely give these forms a makeover tomorrow. sorry for the super duper long post admins!! Btw, my AEs aren't present for this post (I erased all the AE banter except one cuz I HAD to keep it cuz that's SO ME!!) but I can bring them in if anyone wants to talk/ship?

My enthusiastic/innocent/impatient/maybe a bit annoying side: ***Celine***

My down-to-earth, grounded, sensible, defensive, grouchy side: <Tumblebug> 

My responsible, straightforward, get-things-done, tired, will-this-ever-end side: ::/Sapphire\:: 

My angry, untamable, unafraid/make-a-splash, question-and-argue-with-all side: §«Myriad»§

My quiet/polite/softspoken until extremely passionate and burning side: &Paradox& 

My nature-loving, hiking, resourceful, unapologetic, spunky, take-a-risk side: ¥+Ember+¥


These are all mostly a work in progress


NAME: Celine “CeCe” Rhea Thalassa
SPECIES: water dragon (can shapeshift)

JOB/TITLE: self-titled: The Mystical All-Knowing Zealous Entity (M.A.Z.E. for short. As in, aMAZEing!!), no job as of now but maybe later

APPEARANCE: like water, she can take many forms, but her favorite one is a 10 foot long, rose sunset beast, with teal scales all over. A long, elegant snout, honey eyes, tapering, prehensile tail, and curved, retractable claws. No wings for this dragon, she can slither through the air like a snake (Chinese Dragon)

PERSONALITY: knowledgeable, good hearted, takes wonder and delight in everything (so naturally curious), impulsive, prone to interrupting, not great self-awareness, can be mildly annoying at times, really enthusiastic and passionate about everything and anything, loves to learn and a bit of a philosopher, VERY impatient so also impulsive, very loyal, not a lot of reason/common sense and still pretty innocent (she's pretty young), loves to be in the middle of the action, bookworm, can admit when she's wrong and wants to learn from mistakes, good at receiving judgement, nosy 

HOME: where the mist meets the depths of the ocean, turning the water sparkling and gold, where the world is vast and wondrous, towering cliffs making fun obstacle courses as the sun settles in (on maps they just label this place the FireMist Sea, because at certain times of day, the sun sets a fiery hue to everything) she lives in a homey cave (or prison!) set in a cliffside on a very isolated island, with thousands of miles of water surrounding all sides. Right now she is still too young to fly that distance without rest, so on the rare occasions she leaves, Saffy flies her over. 

MOST OFTEN SEEN AT: the library (in her cave home), curled up beside the fire (and no, fire does not evaporate her), snout deep in a story, learning about the world beyond her island, or at the beach, collecting cool finds
FRIEND OR MENTOR: Saffy, her sister

ENEMY OR RIVAL: The occasional paper cut
FAVORITE POSSESSION OR OBJECT: a canvas knapsack, all the better to put amazing finds in! And it’s magical too, so it always knows what you need, and when you put something in, there’s no added weight. Can’t be lost.
MOTTO OR FAVORITE SAYING: there’s treasure everywhere if you just know how to look! (Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes)
STRENGTHS: research!!!, ok with failure
WEAKNESSES: waiting, not being in the middle of the action (though oc, there isn't a lot of action where she lives, so mostly read action books), stopping to think, not reasonable and no common sense
BACKGROUND: as a day-old dragonet, her parents went hunting and never returned. She never knew what happened but her older sister took care of her and taught her everything she needed to know. She doesn’t miss or mourn them, she has everything she needs with Sapphire, or Saffy, as she (and only she!) calls her.

Age: as needed. Undetermined. Doesn't really care.

Pronouns: she/they (prefers she more though, I'll tell you when its they/them, which isn't often, so a bit gender fluid I guess??)

Allergies: pepper (makes her sneeze, that's why she's a salty water dragon) and maybe bananas, sweet tooth but sugar makes her go crazy so maybe shouldn't give her too much of that...

Talks like: ***this*** 

Shipping: with girls 

NAME: Jaycie Tumblebug (but goes by her last name)
SPECIES: I don't know if anyone's done a bug yet so... Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Dung Beetle mix (because why not?)
JOB/TITLE: The Ultimate Roller
APPEARANCE: exactly 2 inches long, black all over with streaks of brown, dark blue antenna and legs, satchel, noseplugs
PERSONALITY: ambitious, outgoing, always willing to try (to try to understand, also), overconfident, can seem a bit unfriendly at first, but a good friend, a hard time admitting when wrong (so sometimes she sticks with a point until she's saying some truly ridiculous stuff, and STILL doesn't give up! That's how stubborn!), a bit of a temper, defensive and proud of her species, loves action too (but more like drama action, Celine likes action heroes and stuff action), lots of willpower, doesn't judge, always strives to do her best, very grounded and can be brutally honest, sometimes can't take a hint, dense
HOME: in a rotting log filled with dung
MOST OFTEN SEEN AT: wherever the action is!
FRIEND OR MENTOR: Mimi (a butterfly, I may change their name)
ENEMY OR RIVAL: ____ (a hedgehog)
FAVORITE POSSESSION OR OBJECT: her noseplugs! Being a hybrid, Tumblebug isn't as immune to the stink of dung as some of her relatives, though she loves it all the same!, so one day she went and bought some nose plugs and has been wearing 'em ever since!
MOTTO OR FAVORITE SAYING: yeah, I eat poop. Get over it.
STRENGTHS: can hiss like a snake through spiracles on her back, and is experimenting with what other sounds she can make. Is superstrong and has good endurance. Lots of willpower, doesn't judge, always willing to try.
WEAKNESSES: very stubborn and can't admit when wrong, has been known to make a fool of herself multiple times because of this by saying something obviously wrong, being called out, and sticking to it until she's saying some truly ridiculous stuff
BACKGROUND: a cockroach and a dung beetle met at DRB UNIVERSITY one day and never looked back. Her whole childhood, Tumblebug's parents loved and nurtured her, until one fateful day when, as they were out on a stroll together, a gigantic foot came out of nowhere and... well, you know how this story ends. Tumblebug was met by immeasurable grief, and started going by her last name to honor her parents (it was just coincidental that both sides of the family had the same last name!). Because of this, Tumblebug developed a hard exterior and always strives to do her best, trying to make her parents proud.

PRONOUNS: she/her
Shipping: has a crush on Mimi but let's see... 

Name: Sapphire “Saffy” ____ ThalassaSpecies: water dragonJob/Title: taking care of her little sister, CeCe, acting in place of their missing parents. This includes: providing food, providing entertainment (often in the form of books), providing shelter, providing comfort, providing information. Lots and lots of information as CeCe is very curious. Rarely has any time left over for herself.Appearance: did not inherit CeCe’s shapeshifting genes, passed down from their mother, ____. However, can breath fire despite being a water dragon, secretly a hybrid? Father is a fire breather? Or different parents from Ce altogether? Vivid orange dragon with soft and bright pink, cyan blue, violet, and mud brown scales all over scattered randomly. Very colorful but can sometimes angle her body so that her scales, all being a bit iridescent, look a certain way. Tall and imposing, with a hooked snout. A stocky build, broad shoulders and strong legs. A thick, tapering tail. Graceful all the same.Personality: sensible, down-to-earth, efficient, quite kind hearted but not easily accessible, has built a wall around herself after what happened to her parents… *shudder *, not very sentimental, does what needs to be done, wishful, sometimes wants to be playful and innocent, but knows she can’t, stubborn at times, pushes herself hardHome: same as Ce, tho she sometimes likes to sleep outside the cave, on a ledge where the wind blows fierceMost often seen at: the nearby forest gathering things to eat in their isolated island. For some reason, the island is eerily devoid of any animal life besides the sisters. Birds??Friend/mentor: CeCe, ocEnemy/rival: sometimes CeCe too, when she’s being difficult, there aren’t rly that many options. Sometimes the world.Favorite possession or object: knowledge? CeCe? Something from parents?Motto or favorite saying: sometimes, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do, whether you’re ready for it or not.Strengths: resourceful, can make do, the reason to her sister’s not, persevereWeaknesses: not too wide a perspective, doesn’t take a lot of pleasure in things, a bit disconnected, thinks that everything is up to her, too hard on herselfBackground: one day, the day after Celine was born, her parents went hunting, further out than usual, in order to support the newborn with the best food they could find. Saffy, an inquisitive young (in both senses) dragon at the time, waited dutifully for them to come back. But after many hours, far too many hours, the rumblings of a storm could be heard, and she grew concerned and left her post by her sister’s side to go check on them. Her sister was probably too young to remember this. Let's just say it didn't end well.

Name: Myriad "Myri" Ocean

Age: 17 or whatever

Pronouns: she/her

Personality (so the other Æs know how to talk to you): brash, rude, unforgiving, temper, has the best ideas, idk why you would talk to her but if you do, well, you'll come away from the conversation different. She's good at making you think a different way. And she's good at what she does. Very talented and knowledgeable. She's just... well, very displeasurable. Sometimes it's better to just ignore her. Yeah.. she doesn't have any soft side, sorry. Also, she likes to be called Myri and likes to rant about society and the world.

Attire: a flowing green dress and pants with coral weaves into her hair

Allergies: nope!

Food: nothing. She's just showing up.

Shipping (if so, what gender, and if already shipped, with who?): open, anyone

Other: a big activist for lots of stuff like social justice and help save the Earth! and stuff, and good at it too, but only really does it to have something to argue about and be angry about all the time. LOVES to argue, btw. Be careful with what you say.

Name: Ember “Em” Cheong
Age: whatever I want them to be. Let’s say…. uhhh… 12 for now (why not)?
Pronouns: they/them
Appearance: big, dark eyes that always seem to be watching you, studying you, framed with long lashes, a bit of a longish nose, bangs, long black hair, round cheeks, prone to blushing, average height, average weight, longish fingers
Wears usually: likes to wear combat boots and always wears a camo backpack with lots of pockets, long, baggy pants, a short sleeve shirt with the words Let’s Do It on it, their hair is usually tied up in a messy ponytail, occasionally in braids/pigtails/a bun, all messy, also sometimes wears overalls when not wearing pants, no jewelry save a friendship bracelet on the right wrist, a watch on the left, wears a baseball cap with pony tail pulled through
Personality: understanding, always willing to speak up, sarcastic, a bit of a bookworm, loves to hike and be in nature, is a bit paranoid and is always prepared, can be lazy (with chores), but always very responsible when hiking. Calm under pressure and somehow can always say the wittiest things at the exact right moment (how?!?), a steadfast friend, more of an introvert but can be social, not afraid to be (brutally?) honest, but always willing to apologize and help (except to ME!), never means to be mean, will profusely apologize until they get distracted and move on to the next thing (¥+-HEY! I do NOT get distracted that easily!+¥ …. What about that time when we were playing a pickup game and you were shooting a free throw when you saw a squirrel and left the game to go chase it? ¥+that was ONE TIME, ok? And that squirrel was ARGHH THE MOST CUTEST THING EVER I WANT A PET SQUIRREL!!!+¥. *sigh* See?)
Talks like: ¥+this+¥
Other: open to shipping, severe banana allergy (they eat kiwis instead when hiking (not the bird!))

Name: Paradox

Nickname(s): Para, Ox, Dicey
Appearance: young Asian girl with two thin pigtails, solemn eyes looking up, pale and quiet, hands folded neatly, mouth in a line
Personality: quiet and polite, softspoken, follows the rules because hates getting in trouble, never difficult, but does have moments when passion flares and a fire is lit behind her eyes and it's uncontrollable and untamable and deadly, and it won’t stop until it has burned bright, a candle in the dark, a lighthouse in the night ARGHH STOP POETRY!!, never does anything she REALLY doesn’t want to, quietly observant and scheming and defiant though really wants to please everyone and be a good girl, never gives up, sweet (so softspoken, yes, but powerful)
Pronouns: she/her
Shipping: maybe not yet, I want to keep her for myself (and myself ONLY) for now
Talks like: &this&
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