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RP.So, there


So, there are four role plays on the front page of the Inkwell, four in PP, and two in BaB. DtE, on the other hand, has been a little... well.. Quiet, lately.

Sooo, I am going to start a new one. About fairies, elves, pixies... Etc. it can be your version of a creature, you can make a second charrie...and, since I started this thread, I get to be a villain!


Tiffany, please note: I am posting this on Inkwell, the place for RPs. Down to Earth is the place to talk about the real world, express opinions, ask questions about life, the world, pets, sports, etc.


Name: Leanne XIV

Age: 400

Creature: pixie

(from An Insane Person's Guide to Pixies:

Pixies are among the most dangerous of all fairy races and love nothing more than causing trouble for humans. They have many forms: pixies of love, for instance, can appear as a flirty human girl, a fairy with ink wings, or a heart-shaped balloon. Their powers are very strong, but limited to their category. The only exception is Leanne, queen of the pixies....

Appearance: shape-shifter

Personality: clever, mean, uses a lot of sarcasm, confident, conceited.



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Oh, I'm sorry, Admins. :( It's just that I've seen them on Down to Earth before, and I... well... yeah, sorry. 


No problem. I just thought a reminder about the uses for the various sections would be helpful to everybuggy, not just you. We don't always notice the section when new threads come in, and I've just learned how to post a comment in a different section from the one a comment is submitted to.


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