Rhino: A Poem

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Rhino: A Poem

Rhino: A Poem

Rhino has inherited a horn and grey grey skin, and what other traits has he gotten from his kin?

His family, they are vertebrates, animals with back bones. They live in a grassland enviroment, yes that's what they call thier home.

Rhino is very dangerous, his instinct is to charge. If you were to be hit by him, it would be like slamming into a barge.

His nutrients come from mostly grass, it powers him to run. If you were to so much as poke it wouldn't be any fun. 

Rhino has some structures that are very intruiging. His legs can run so very fast you will soon be fatiguing!

His horn is known as an adaptation to protect him from harm's way. Though I don't get this: who would want him as prey?

His skin is too too thick and his hide is very rough. It'd be hard to cut a rhino because he is very rough.

He can adapt to hot tempratures and very cold ones too. The only thing gross about him is his stinky, smelly poo!

Sadly, some of his species could become extinct. So take a little moment to just sit down and think:

'This organisim is pretty wild and to think of it! Us humans are killing this precious creature, bit by bit by bit!'

So save the rhinousourous. It wouldn't be preposturous!

submitted by Angelina P., age 10, Newburgh, NY
(May 7, 2014 - 6:20 pm)

A good idea, but I don't think the lines flow very well. Maybe I just don't have the right "beat", but it seems like the verses don't have the same rythym.

I can't come up with any ideas for how to change it right now, but if I do, I'll let you know.

Good effort though!


Sir Captcha says "dung". THAT'S NOT VERY NICE. 

submitted by SomeonePlusFour, On my bed, reading!
(May 8, 2014 - 11:38 am)