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Hi. So, I wanted to try this out, see who would join. I guess I will explain how I want this to work. So there are different islands in Codon. The Main Island, also known as Corono, Delore, a marshy, jungle kind of place, Dacora, a hilly, grassy land, and Snowara, a cold land, full of snow. There is another large land, but it has multiple towns, and I don't want it to get confusing. Each land is ruled by a king. Corono is ruled by a king named King Tarlean. She is a girl, don't ask why she is called King. It's confusing. XD Delore is ruled by King Delyra, also a girl. Dacora is ruled by King Hanon, a guy. And Snowara is ruled by two kings. King Luvus, king of one town in Snowara, and King Veon, king of the other town in Snowara. Now that we got that done, here is the character thingy.

Where He/She Lives: Corono

Name: Imara

Job: Works in the castle stables, tending to the horses.

Appearance: Long, brown hair, grey eyes, bright smile. Wears a loose white shirt, and black jeggings. ( By the way, the time in Codon is kind of mediveal set, but if you want to wear normal clothes, that's fine.)

Personality: Is happy most of the time, is protective of friends, loves to talk with the horses that can talk.

So, if anybody wants to join, I would appreciate it. Role playing this will help me to get ideas for my book, which is based on Codon, but you don't have to join. Thanks! :D

Noelle C. 

submitted by Noelle C., age 12, Codon
(July 22, 2014 - 2:19 pm)

Cool idea, Noelle!

Where He/She Lives: Snowara

Name: Halshik (Hal for short)

Job: Works for the heating people in Snowara

Appearance: Keeps his red hair long for heat, golden eyes, strong build, flattish nose.

Personality: Snowara needs somebody as positive as Halshik to keep their spirits (and heating.) up.

submitted by Pete the Trollslayer
(July 23, 2014 - 3:02 pm)