Chatterbox: Inkwell

A little story to cheer ye mind.

I hate dragons. I really hate dragons. Purple dragons, fat dragons, big dragons. If there wasn’t dragons, I would have that nice plump mouse in my paws. But no, a dragon had to distract me and send that mouse scurrying away. I should have visited egypt. They have much more respect to cats than in China.

I had been laying in the sun, enjoying the peace around me. I suddenly heard a faint squeak and i saw a mouse running happily, not taking any notice to my space. I growled and jumped to my feet, trying to grab the mouse in my claws. But it was fast, and I had to make a chase. There was a lot of yaping and dirt kicking and swearing. Oh, I wanted that mouse so bad! I just wish that mouse was more out of shape.

As I was thinking about mice and exercise, I heard a loud roar. A giant foot stomped out of the trees. I stopped, letting the mouse go out of my reach. I tried to find the head of the beast, but it was so large that the neck went into the clouds. I heard another roar, and finally it’s head appeared in the sky. I nearly fainted. It was a dragon!! A dragon, out of all the beasts to disturb me… I knew this wasn’t going to well. The dragon dove it’s head toward me, and picking me up i with it’s claws. I yelped as I was brought millions of feet into the air, and then whaddya know, he just had to drop me. The dragon, seeing his meal drop, picked me up again. I found my bravery and manage to bit him, and he let out a loud moan. That didn’t end well. I fell into a large tree and the branches gave me scars that would last a lifetime. I then ran away as fast as my paws could carry me.

i never did get that mouse.

Mushy says afeg. A feg?

submitted by Danielle P., age 10, California
(August 5, 2014 - 8:18 pm)