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This is after the featured class. We are normal kids, so no magic, but still we can be that wacky way. Our teacher is Mrs. Seno and she's basically the same as Mrs. Jewels. Luis is still the yard teacher, Miss Mush is still the lunch monitor.

You can live on any story, but there can only be 6 people per class. You can make your own teachers for the other stories (Mrs. Seno is the 30th story). 

Notes: the ages can be mixed up. It doesn't really matter. Also, and RPG is when it's written in 3rd person.

Name: Fauna Classy

Age: 11

Story and teacher: 30th, Mrs. Seno

What is teacher like?: This is optional and is only if you are on a different story.

Personality: The bookworm and "teacher's pet". She likes to help out anyone and durning recess she plays soccer.

Appearance: Long black hair and brown eyes. Always wears a red wool sweater but never seems to get hot. 


submitted by St.Owl, age 10, NY
(February 10, 2015 - 7:37 pm)

Name: Allison Tomlinson

Age: 14

Teacher: 30th, Mrs. Seno

Personality: Shy, artsy, good grades.

Appearance: Green eyes, brown hair dyed at the tips (pink), leggings, a tunic she made. 

submitted by Horse Spirit Girl, age 13, New York
(February 15, 2015 - 8:38 am)