Hello. I am

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Hello. I am

Hello. I am making a story. All are free to join. It will make more sense if you have read The Alchemyst series by Michael Scott. Each entry form requires the following:

Name: Leovie Dracora

Aura color: Purple so dark it is almost black, threaded with traces of silver

Appearance: Honey colored hair, hazel eyes, fair skin

Status: Awakened, Immortal

Personality: Typically kind. Respects that all life has value. Not social.   

Other: Leovie is a shape-shifter and is the first immortal to have created a Shadowrealm.

Enjoy creating characters! It is never too late.  

submitted by Leovie D., age Immortal, Everywhere
(October 8, 2015 - 5:52 pm)

Interesting . . . I'll try this.

Name: Ariana Levine 

Aura color: . . . explanation please?

Appearance: choppy light brown hair, dazzling blue eyes, and a pale skin

Status: . . . again, explanation please?

Personality: cold, unfriendly, sarcastic, smart, and tomboyish




submitted by Cho Chang, age 12, Hogwarts
(October 8, 2015 - 7:00 pm)