Hi!I'm n

Chatterbox: Inkwell

Hi!I'm n


I'm new here.

Can we be friends?

I'd love to make a story together! 

submitted by Pearl, age Tomato, Earth
(January 22, 2016 - 1:43 am)

Welcome to Inkwell, Pearl!

I have been on this website for almost a year now...and I love it!

Here's some Inkwell vocabulary/slang you might want to know...

CBers: chatterbox-ers 

RP: stands for Roleplay. Most popular on Inkwell. When someone creates an RP, other CBers can join--although the RP creator might have a limit on the number of people. Anyway, when you join, you create a charrie, a character. You say their name, personality, appearance, age, gender....the RP creator will tell you what you need to include. Once everyone's created charries, RP creator will tell you when to begin. Basically you add posts to whatvere the storyline is supposed to be. Kind of like a multi-perspective book...only the posts are shorter. For an example, see the Magic RP&n.....totally awesome RP! Anyone can make an RP...

Charrie: character 

Mystery Ski Lodge: The creator of the Ski Lodge is anonymous or uses a diffrent name than the usually do. It doesn't always take place at a ski lodge. Basically you are invited to some sort of "Free" hotel or something like that...participants get murdered off by the creator one by one...and you try to guess who it is! I've never actually participated in tehse before....

CAPTCHAs: you know that anti-spam thing you have to do to submit a post? That's a CAPTCHA. if your CAPTCHA sounds cool or sounds like a word or something, you can share it. Also, some people "adopt" their CAPTCHAs as pets.


my CApTCHA says oroa. Aroura? Like Sleeping Beauty?

I think I have officially found my pet CAPTCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aurora! :) :)


submitted by Owlgirl AKA Elena O., age 12, Texas
(January 22, 2016 - 7:54 pm)