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Hey Everybuggy! I

Hey Everybuggy! I want to start a new RP about Skulduggery Pleasant, so if you LOVE that series too, and have read most of the books so you got an idea of the world it plays in, please join!! ❤❤

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(April 26, 2016 - 1:55 pm)

Sorry, the part about the story line and charrie sheets got lost somehow, so here it is:

It is exactly eleven years since Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant saved the world from the Doomsday Machine, a bomb that could possibly destroy the whole world. Alice Edgley is an ordinary girl (or so she thinks) who has an odd group of friends, who turn out to have magical powers, and when her big sister, Stephanie, finds out that Alice is hanging out with people like them (who incidentially are people Stephanie herself hung out with when she was Alice's age), she freaks out and becomes really protective of her. 

You can make your own charries, but if you want to use ones from the original book, feel free! I think if you like, someone should be Skulduggery, and maybe someone could be Ghastly, but whatever you like! 

Okay, so charrie sheets:

Given name: Alice Edgley

Taken name: Etna Drugg

True name (not every charrie will know their true name): Unknown. 

Age (this can range from really old to like 11): 13 

Type of magic (Elemental, Adept, or Necromancy): Adept.

Appearance: Big brown eyes, and strait really dark but not black hair that she wears in a French braid, and a simple when she smiles. She usually wears a dark blue long jacket made by Ghastly, and boots made by him too. 

Personality: Funny, outgoing, she is usually the one to lighten the mood in a dangerous situation by cracking a joke. She is one of those people who'd do anything to save her friends.

submitted by #sherlocklives, age 13, Wisconsin
(April 27, 2016 - 9:21 am)