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This time it's realistic fiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baisicly, where our characters go to Middle School, and have crushes, and fail horribly at interacting with people.

With, of course, a few twists.

First of all, we are all going to a Boarding School. (The one a few people know and love)

Second: This is a Boarding School for academics. But there was a mistake, and some less-academic students have been admitted.

Third: You can shout advice at me. Tell me what you want to happen.

Character Sheet:


Age (12/13)



Academic or not?

Favorite subject:


Biggest Secret (ANd make it something interesting)

Best Friend



ok so this is all to Gared, I just made an RP one, so the people who wanted to write can anyway here are my charries!

Name Lizbeth (Lizzy to her friends and Liz to her crush)

Age (12/13) 12 1'/2

Appearance long curly light golden hair with the lower half died blue, peircing amber/gray eyes, has light purple reading glasses, orange freckles, silver painted nails, Golden owl necklace she never takes off, normally wears tennis shoes. 

PErsonality genel and kind to her friends but to her enemy (later) she is snarky and mean, she one of thoses people who play teases her crush, and she funny and extreamly smart

Academic or not? very academic the smartest one at her old school 

Favorite subject: Math/English/Band

BAckstory: her olw necklace is the only thing she as of her deceased mother, her father isn't the nicest, and is a bit abusive, to her and her brother (who I might make...) sothing seriouse though, so when she got the letter af admission she was thrilled, her crush, (who will be down below) is in a layed back relashtionship with her enemy (who will also be below) but she and her crush are in a friend relasonship since they knew each other in kindergarten and she tries to relate to him by acting a bit tomboyish but you will catch her in a skirt and tanktop, and a dress for a dance. since both of them are magory into greek mytholagy, they sometimes call each other meanatar lik minatar, but in a playfully teasing way. 

Biggest Secret (ANd make it something interesting) she is constently bullied by her crushes best friend, but doesnt't tell anyone

Best Friend Abigale (if she's okay with it)

Crushes Jack 

Other she is terrified of spiders

Name  Jack

Age (12/13) 12 5/12

Appearance short brown hair, chocolately brown eyes, almost invisable freckles. always wearing a a sport something shirt (whether its a foot ball team or a brand like nike)

PErsonality a bit annoying in a cute way very funny and layed back, sweet and understanding and has always been there for Liz 

Academic or not? very academic but not as much as Lizbeth

Favorite subject: PE/but he's great in math and english

BAckstory he also has a younger brother who is scarcly like him, he has know his girlfriend for a few years less than he has know Liz, umm i think that it all at more every now and then

Biggest Secret (ANd make it something interesting) has cormferted Liz when her dad was being ___ since he is the only one besides Liz's brother who knows about it. 

Best Friend Charles

Crushes Maggie

Other  is secrectly terrified that Liz's father will break her (mentelly)

Name  Maggie

Age (12/13)12 1/2 

Appearance long wavy dirty blonde hair that is normaly in a ponytail thinks shes the most beutiful thing to walk the earth when she's really just advarage

PErsonality egotisticalX2000000 anoying and witty brownnoser to all the teaches and then will spread rumors like the plaige behind you back,

Academic or not? advage, not very good in math

Favorite subject: PE

BAckstory she has the out line of a perfect life, she's rich lives in a masion and has everything she could ever hope for

Biggest Secret (ANd make it something interesting) is secretly jelouse of Lizbeth's and Jack's relation ship and is only 'dating'
Jack to get back on Lizbeth

Best Friend anyone who is evil but hides it in a mask of fake cheerfulness

Crushes Charles

Other also bullies Liz but only when Jack isn't around  

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Please give more credit. This is fanfiction.

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