I would like

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I would like

I would like to know how a round-robin story works. I've seen them, but I am really confused about how it works.

submitted by Maggie S., age 13, St. Paul, MN :D
(May 16, 2009 - 1:01 pm)

This is it, basically - one person starts a story and writes for a while - however much they want, really. Then they stop and post it. Another person reads it and continues for however long, then stops and posts it, and then another person does the same thing and so on. So everyone is telling the story, really. The problem with doing it on the Chatterbox is that, say, the princess is stuck in a dungeon. Sue posts that the princess dies miserably, but before the Admins get it up, Janie writes that the prince rescues her, and you get conflicting storylines. Does that make sense? And don't worry, I didn't get it for a while either, but my brother and I do it verbally, just with a different name than Round Robin.



submitted by Emily H. :), age 13, Sparks, NV
(May 16, 2009 - 7:43 pm)