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Tips On Writing/D

Tips On Writing/Developing Charries

Okay. I thought we need something like this around, to help people. Much too often, I see a Charrie sheet that has been rushed through or turned into a Mary or Gary Sue. This thread will (hopefully) help prevent that! Here are my tips on the subject:


-Make a character seem real. Real people have valid fears, pet peeves, not all amazing character traits. Try and balance out strengths and weaknesses, give them one or two bad character traits, and remember, real people are not perfect! 

Importance Level: 10/10

-DO NOT make a character OP. If you make a character for an elements RP, say, and they can control all of water, all of ice, can read minds, and can fly, maybe you're going a bit too far. This sort of ties in with the last one about the Mary/Gary Sues. Just give your charrie one power, maybe two at the very most if one can only be used to a certain extent.

Importance Level: 10/10

-Don't fully develop your charrie just in the sheet. Leave space for them to be developed in the story. Give them dark secrets, leave them open to shipping, and let them choose their own path in the story. Think, "What would __(your character name)__ do now?

Importance Level: 7.5/10

I've added three of the most important ones, but you can feel free to comment your own. Format them as I did, or just bullet lists of individual tips. 

Hope this helps!

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