Chapter one: Eyeball

Chatterbox: Inkwell

Chapter one: Eyeball

Chapter one: Eyeball

It had been a normal day. The sky was clear and a breeze ruffled my hair. My dog trotted beside my side, happily. Suddenly he ran onto the grass beside me and started sniffing something. I tried to get him to move on but he wouldn’t budge. 

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What is so interesting? i wondered, walking towards my dog. I shoved him aside with great effort. HE DID NOT WANT TO MOVE. Were he had been sniffing there was a brass knocker with a eyeball on it. 




The eyeball twitched. I jumped back, surprised and digusted. Is it alive? I wondered, moving past my dog [who was going to sniff it, again,], caustouisly approaching the eyeball. 


It twitched, again. 


I picked it up, relcauntly and disgusted. When the eyeball twitched it looked so……. real. 


“Are you alive?” I said. I studied the eyeball, but looked away after a few minutes. It looked so real. It was disgusting, how realistic it looked. I wondered if it was alive, and suddenly a idea popped into my head, a idea that would solve my question. I could poke it!  I shook my head. That would be disgusting if it was alive. 



but you’ll finally found out if its alive..





By the way i'm changing my name to midnight 

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Great new name, Midnight!!! I love it!

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